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#717 Sharon Osbourne: Extreme by Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne: Extreme by Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne: Extreme by Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne, the wife of Ozzy Osbourne, and a force unto herself in such places as X Factor and America’s Got Talent, hasn’t had the easiest of lives. Sharon grew up in England in a somewhat powerful family. Sharon’s father was actually a big-time force in the British music scene. He managed bands and brought many bands over to England. Sharon’s home life was not easy. There was a lot of fighting, violence was normal. Sharon and her siblings, and mother, were often extorted by her father. Sharon had to do many things that a child shouldn’t do.

At one point, Sharon’s father was trying to sign Black Sabbath, which Ozzy Osbourne sang for at the time. This didn’t pan out, but this was the start of the relationship between Ozzy and Sharon, even if it wasn’t romantic at this point. Sharon had ups and downs, lived privilege when she could, and lived lean when her father started taking things. She also struggled with her weight most of the time.

Sharon moved to the states, for a while, and become involved with Ozzy, when he was still married to his first wife. Sharon was instrumental in getting Ozzy to be the person he is today, despite all of his drug use.

Time went on and it took a long time for Sharon and Ozzy to get out from under Sharon’s father. They did though. They tried to start a family, by having three children, but Ozzy’s drug abuse had become a terrible problem. Ozzy went to rehab and was out of rehab. He cheated on Sharon and he hit her. She had to call the police and it was a big deal.

Actions of Sharon’s father came back to bite Sharon years later and Sharon, while speaking her mind, managed to be a host on the X-Factor in order to repay taxes her father had accrued in her name. Sharon and Ozzy were still together at the end of the book, despite all that Ozzy had put Sharon through because they love each other.

What I liked

Do I really need to repeat the thing about me liking memoirs?

I’ve found Sharon interesting, especially after I watched her on America’s Got Talent. I never watched the reality show that she and her family had on MTV. I had thought that Sharon might simply be riding the coattails of her husband and that was why she was famous, but Sharon is actually something in her own right. She has managed bands. She has been a shrewd businesswoman. There is more to her than a person would first think.

She certainly is a fighter. She has fought for everything she has and that’s very admirable. Tough women are always interesting.

What I didn’t like

Sharon’s story is not a rags to riches story. Sure, there have been times when Sharon was barely scraping by from her perspective, but for the most part, Sharon has always had a lot more than a lot of us, at least financially.

Sharon’s dad sounds like an utter jerk. What kind of person would steal their child’s identity to make a bunch of risky business ventures?

I don’t like that Sharon had to grow up in such a harsh environment. I didn’t have the best home life growing up and I sympathize with Sharon there, although, I think Sharon had it worse than I ever did. I don’t understand how some people can treat their children the way that they do.

Sharon is very extreme; she was right about that. I like her, but I don’t think she’s the kind of person I would want to hang around all of the time.

Sharon and Ozzy are another matter. I know Ozzy isn’t a complete dick, but he certainly put his wife and his family through a lot. I don’t think I would have stayed with him, especially with all of the drugs and the cheating. Marriage is something to be honored. Family is something to be honored. If you have a family, you have obligations to that family. Ozzy sounds like he was a terrible father and husband for large portions of this book. Although, there is something to be said for his never-wavering love for Sharon. That does count for a lot. It would certainly make staying in a less-than-ideal marriage easier.

I feel as if I know what Sharon talks about when she says she stayed with Ozzy because he loved her no matter what she was going through and no matter what her physical appearance was. That does count for a lot. It doesn’t excuse everything, but it certainly counts for a lot. If someone wholly and truly thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread, it’s easier to overlook some of their bad parts. I feel bad that Sharon went through so much with Ozzy, but she does have a man who really loves her. Let’s just go ahead and say that I couldn’t have done what Sharon did.


Extreme was right.

Weigh In

Could you have stayed married to Ozzy Osbourne?

Do you like Sharon Osbourne?


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