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#720 Lucky or Smart by Bo Peabody

Lucky or Smart by Bo PeabodyLucky or Smart by Bo Peabody

Bo Peabody became a high-powered business owner, with a lot of money, at a young age. He was depicted by the media as the slacker CEO, which was not the case as Bo days.

Bo insists that to succeed in business a person must know of they were lucky or smart, specifically, they must be smart enough to know if they are getting lucky. No business is ever purely being smart.

Bo also insists that being a business owner is not for everyone. If you’re an A student, business ownership is most likely not for you. If you are a B student, you could be a business owner. A students are too good at one thing in order to look at the broad spectrum of business ownership.

If you are the right kind of person, if you’re smart enough to realize that you’re getting lucky, and you’re determined, you might be a good business owner.

What I liked

Bo isn’t boring, which is good when reading anything about business or finance.

This book was also slightly a memoir, which is something I enjoyed.

What I didn’t like

Bo is a bit of a jerk. He’s quite blunt about only certain types of people succeeding in business ownership. I think he could be wrong on that, but I don’t know enough about business to make an accurate judgement. I tend to be the kind of person who values a person rather than a bottom line. The business world is too ruthless for me.


Are you lucky or smart?

Weigh In

Could you start your own business?

Do you think Bo would be a person you could get along with?


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