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A Whole Lot of Books

A Whole Lot of Books

A Whole Lot of Books

Funny story– I forgot on what number I started the year out on, book wise, and thought I had read 123 books, which was only a few books away from my yearly record of 127. Upon going back and looking at the number I actually started out on, 590, I’ve realized that I have, in fact, broken my yearly book record at 135 books. Neat huh? I broke my own personal record without even realizing it.

I’ve read a lot of books this year, a whole darn lot. They’ve been quite a variety of books, as always. I’ve been through a book of Native American Mythology, which was enlightening. I’ve read a bit of Lovecraft, although, I haven’t entirely decided if I will finish Lovecraft. I’ve read a lot of memoirs and a lot of great books.

It amazes me that 135 books ago my life was so different. I still had a house. I was still technically married. I was still working at my old job. Now I live in another state. I have a different job. I have a great boyfriend, who actually likes to read and be creative. He’s also crazy about me, which is a definite perk, even more so than the reading and creativity.

I’ve broken a record this year, which is great, but I’ve also had a huge year of changes. The fact that I’ve managed to read that many books this year, despite all the life upheaval I’ve had, makes me proud.

Who knows what will happen in 2017? Hopefully a lot of good things and a lot more books.

Just FYI, that graphic above has 135 books. I drew a book for each book I read this year, although, I do not profess to have bookshelves nearly as nice as the ones I drew, nor have I ever had bookshelves that nice.


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