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Make a Resolution to Read More

Make a Resolution to Read MoreMake a Resolution to Read More

You still have time.

You can still make a New Year’s Resolution to read more.

Maybe you could decide to read the newspaper more.

Maybe you could set yourself a book goal, like I have.

Maybe you could decide to finish the works of one author in a year.

Maybe you’ll read through a specific book list of the classics.

Maybe you’ll read a Wikipedia article each day and learn something new.

Maybe you’ll explore a genre you haven’t read much of.

There are so many ways to make resolutions to read more or better. You could just make a resolution to read serious magazine articles versus tabloid articles. You could resolve to read one so-called classic book each month instead of a romance novel.

You could even decide to read more to other people. Maybe you’ll read more to your children. Maybe you’ll read with your significant other. Maybe you’ll volunteer at a nursing home and read to the elderly.

A new year is coming, tomorrow, in less than twenty-four hours, and it’s brand new so we can make brand new decisions and brand-new endeavors.

This year is swiftly coming to an end and it’s time to hop into the new year with full force, just make sure you take a few good books along.


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