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#734 The Cool Factor by Andrea Linett

The Cool Factor by Andrea LinettThe Cool Factor by Andrea Linett

Andrea decided to get together with her fashionable women friends and find out what makes them fashionable. It’s not the fact that they follow so-called fashion rules. They seem to make their own style for what looks good on them. Andrea decided to get them all together one day, take pictures, and do interviews.

The first chapter of Andrea’s book is about denim. She extols the virtues of picking a good pair of blue jeans, and having different pairs of jeans for different types of occasions. She does a little explaining on how you can mix and match denim with other denims. The following chapters are on leather, button-down shirts, and other staples as Andrea sees it. There are included pointers on how to mix something edgy with something hippie, or mix edgy pieces in with professional settings.

Andrea repeatedly mentions that one doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on their clothes to be fashionable. Shirts from K-mart are fine as long as they’re made well and you like them.

What I liked

I consider myself at least somewhat fashionable. I have my own style. I’m artsy, so I think it’s easier for me to find things that work well together. I don’t think it’s quite as easy for everyone to do the same thing though. Books like this help with being part inspiration and part instruction, not that you always need either. I did enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the suggestions. You never know when I might use some of these suggestions with my own twist.

I do like that Andrea didn’t constantly say that you have to buy designer clothes to be fashionable. Items from thrift shops were repeatedly mentioned in the book and being creative with those items was also mentioned. Just because an item is one way when you get it, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

What I didn’t like

It sounds as if Andrea has lots of clothes. I think I have too many clothes as it is, but I don’t think I can get anywhere near the amount of clothes Andrea has. I don’t have fifty pairs of jeans for different occasions. I keep dark-colored jeans that can be dressy or casual. I wear out jeans so fast that there is no point in having more than a few pairs, even more than one or two pairs.

I don’t think you have to have tons of clothes to be fashionable, just learn to mix and match.


Maybe you should wear that funky dress you found in the thrift shop.

Weigh In

Do you think you’re fashionable?

What is something you have in your closet that might not be considered fashionable, that you think is fashionable?


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