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#742 Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods by Hal Johnson

Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods by Hal JohnsonFearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods by Hal Johnson

Have you ever wondered what types of creatures may lurk in the edges of the forest, just beyond where familiar trees give way to bigger and scarier trees? The Lumberwoods is that area where civilization meets the wild. Maybe you’ll see a raccoon, or maybe you’ll see something more.

The creatures in this book just might come across your path as you’re exploring the wild. Almost all of them are incredibly dangerous. There is a snake that can kill secondhand. You don’t even have to be bit by it. If you bite something it bit, you’ll suffer the awful demise associated with its terrible and extremely deadly venom.

There’s a tall creature with no knees, that might gobble you up, along with some tree tops. There’s a large fish that comes down from the mountains, devouring everything in its slimy path. There’s a creature that swims under the snow; you just might disappear.

There are plenty more creatures in this book, some too scary to mention here. Just be careful, there, in the Lumberwoods.

What I liked

I love this concept of the Lumberwoods. I originally thought of “the limberlost” which is different, but maybe similar. I love the idea of an area of the wild where things stop making so much scientific sense. Creatures are strange, perhaps supernatural, or plain conspiracy theory. We only know so much about the world; what about the parts we don’t know? Could there not be something so fantastic that it could defy our current explanation of physics, biology, or even time? Science cannot know everything, so for now, maybe everything in the woods is perfectly explainable, but maybe, it’s not.

I loved the illustrations; they were very Burton-esque.

I loved the stories. They were like Mythology, and folklore, and ghost stories–all of which, I adore.

What I didn’t like

I have heard of a few of these creatures, or something very similar, off-hand. These stories were re-ka-jiggered by Hal. There is another book with this same name, supposedly, written some time back. I would like to read that book. While Hal’s take on these stories is perfectly fine, I’d like a little more meat to any actual folklore surrounding these creatures. A little more background would also be nice. Folklore generally arises out of something, why did these creatures come into existence, albeit a fictional existence?


Watch out when you’re in the woods.

Weigh in

Do you think it’s possible that there might be strange animals in the woods?

What do you think about the idea of the Lumberwoods?


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