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#743 When is Jesus Going to Bring the Pork Chops by George Carlin

When is Jesus Going to Bring the Pork Chops by George CarlinWhen is Jesus Going to Bring the Pork Chops by George Carlin

As you might surmise, this is a book full of George Carlin’s views on the world, including religion. George goes straight into the ten commandments, maybe we only need a couple that boil down to be a good person.

George then goes on about language in our society. He feels that language has been softened because everyone is too sensitive. He wonders why we have to rename everything. Can’t a secretary be a secretary and not an administrative assistant? George has a lot of things to say about everything.

What’s with the way women have to do so many things? What about men being idiots? What about this or that?

What I liked

George is funny. Many of his observations are true. He pokes fun at society for being society.

I liked the idea of women being crazy because men are stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like sexism, nor do I think men are stupid, all of the time, but generally, in my life, I have found this assumption by George to be fairly true. There are quite a few problems in my life that have been caused by a man acting stupid. I say acting because I know the man, or men, is/are not really stupid. They’re just acting like it, but for whatever reason, I’m not sure. I guess it’s one of those man/woman mysteries.

What I didn’t like

George is a little too rough for me. He pokes fun at religion a bit too much for my tastes. I still think he’s quite funny, but difficult for me to take in large doses. Many of his observations are absolutely spot on, which is sad because he mentions them in a sarcastic manner that implies stupidity on society’s part, which is certainly a thing.


I may read something by George again or I may not.

Weigh in

What do you think about George?

If you like making fun of religion, but are religious, is there a point where you feel uncomfortable?


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