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#744 We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist

We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh SundquistWe Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist

One day, when Josh is twenty-five, he realizes that he has never had a girlfriend. He thought he had a girlfriend, but it turns out that she was just a friend. Josh decides to go back over each girlfriend and figure out what’s wrong.

The added difficulty of this is that Josh only has one leg. He had cancer as a child and his leg had to be amputated, but he gets along just fine.

He devotes a chapter to speaking about each girl and what kind of semi-relationship he had with each. There was the one girl who ultimately told him, years later that she hadn’t wanted to ruin their friendship by dating. There was the girl who was waiting on him to make a move. There was the girl who lost Miss America and was embarrassed. There was the girl who just plain didn’t like him as anything other than a friend. Josh realizes that not a single girl attributed his missing leg to not being boyfriend material.

Josh is now a motivational speaker, and, yes, he has finally had a girlfriend.

What I liked

I liked Josh’s story. I kind of felt bad for him in some parts of it, but I still liked his story. I was awkward, well, I’m still awkward, and stories about awkward people help me with my life. I’m not the only awkward one. I wasn’t the only weirdo who didn’t date a lot in high school. Josh seems like a determined person.

I understand about feeling something about your physical appearance is keeping you from dating. Sometimes, truthfully, it is that something about your physical appearance. There are people so shallow that they don’t even want to say Hello to you because of that thing about your physical appearance, but that’s not everyone. Sometimes it’s you. Sometimes it’s your own hangup about your physical appearance that keeps people from making the moves on you.

Trust me, I thought I was going to have to live in the woods alone with a hundred cats as a teenager. I thought no one was ever going to want to be in a serious relationship with me because I was overweight, less overweight than I am now, but even now, I can still manage to get guys interested, when I’m not in a relationship. People like all kinds of people and you’re physical appearance thing that you think everyone is hung up on probably isn’t that big of a deal to the people who like you. Now, if your physical appearance hang up is something that society tells people they shouldn’t like, other people might be afraid to like you because of what society thinks about people with your particular physical appearance hang up. That’s just a testament to them being weak of character and maybe you didn’t want to date them anyway.

What I didn’t like

It felt like all Josh thought about was girls. Didn’t he have other things to do? Weren’t there other important things in his life? I know there were because he mentions them from time to time.

Some of the stuff Josh feels so let down about isn’t even really important. Failed relationships in high school? That’s not important at all. About the only things that matters in high school is doing the things that make the next part of your life possible, whether that’s getting good enough grades to get into college, or learning skills that can set you on the course of your life. Dating? High school popularity? Home coming? Prom? None of it is particularly important and I always wonder why so many people place such a huge emphasis on their high school years.


I’m glad Josh has a girlfriend now.

Weigh In

Were you awkward as a teenager?

Do you think people have shied away from being in relationships with you because of something about your physical appearance?


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