Jacques-Lusseyran, Memoir, Non-Fiction

#745 And There was Light by Jacques Lusseyran

And There was Light by Jacques LusseyranAnd There was Light by Jacques Lusseyran

Jacques was born in France and had a normal childhood until about age nine. This is when disaster struck. Jacques was playing one day and there was a terrible accident. He fell and his glasses injured his eyes. There was nothing to be done about it. Jacques lost his eyes.

He could not see, but still wanted to learn. He still wanted to be normal and his family was quite supportive. Jacques learned Braille. He learned to type. Jacques was able to join a regular class of students at school. Jacques even made friends.

Jacques grew, his friends grew, and thoughts of war grew. There were whispers and Ru order about a war. Then the war really started happening. Jacques a d his friends had a wonderful teacher than taught them more than simple politics.

The war moved on. Jacques and his friends wanted to do something. Jacques could not fight in the war, but he could fight at home. He was soon involved in creating an underground newspaper that told the truth about what was happening in the war.

Eventually, Jacques was arrested for his actions and sent to a camp. He could not see to work, but even then, Jacques did not quit his efforts. Many of his friends were ultimately arrested and ended up in the camp as well. Jacques survived the war and became a professor of French in the United States.

What I liked

I think Jacques was a really neat guy. I really would have liked to have spent more time with this book. I admire anyone who sticks their neck out to help others. Jacques almost certainly helped people.

What I didn’t like

Like I said, I really would have liked to have spent more time with this book, learning about Jacques. He died sometime ago, so we have nothing else from him.


Jacques is definitely admirable.

Weigh in

Would you be brave enough to publish information the government didn’t want to be published?

Do you think releasing secret information, that can be helpful, is a crime?


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