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#746 Moving Day by Meg Cabot

Moving Day by Meg CabotMoving Day by Meg Cabot

Allie Finkle has found out the worst news of her life. She’s moving. Her entire family is actually moving, across town, to an old Victorian house. The worst part of it is that she’ll be going to a new school. None of her friends will be there. It’s also the middle of the school year. When she tells her best friend, Mary Beth, this, Mary Beth tells her not to tell anyone else because it’s her birthday. Allie slips up, of course, and tells someone, and Mary Beth cries and whines all about how Allie ruined her birthday and refuses to be her friend.

Allie Finkle has certain rules for life, which she writes down. They’re things like, “Never eat anything red.” Mary Beth knows about the rules, but not many other people do. Allie goes to see her new house, but she is not impressed at all. There is another girl next door and Allie does find her possible friend material, but she’s still against moving. She tries to sabotage the real estate open house at her current home with her rock collection, but it doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, Allie still has to deal with Mary Beth and the other children at her current school. The worst one is Brittany; she’s a bat thrower. She’s known to throw tantrums and throw anything within reach. When a girl plays with Brittany, they’re supposed to do whatever Brittany says. One day, when Allie is over at Brittany’s house with Mary Beth, and another girl, Brittany dictates all the games and even puts the family cat in a suitcase and drags it around. Allie does not like animals being hurt so she lets the cat out of the suitcase, and outside, this puts her on the friend blacklist even more, but she doesn’t care.

One night, at a family dinner out, she steals a turtle from a Chinese restaurant. Allie doesn’t know that this will change things for a while. In the end Allie finds out that some friends aren’t really good friends.

What I liked

I have to admit, this book wasn’t that bad for a book geared to a much younger audience. Meg Cabot is quite the writer, you’ll know her if you’ve read any of her other books. She writes for an older audience and a younger audience, so usually, anything she writes is catchy enough to keep an adult’s attention.

Allie is spunky and quirky. The fact that Allie does this weird thing, make up rules, isn’t shied away from. Most of us generally have something weird we do.

What I didn’t like

This Brittany kid sounds like an utter brat. How is it even possible for a child to be so bratty? I recently watched the Babadook, and the kid on that movie was a brat too. I might have just let the darn Babadook take him away. It amazes me that there are some kids so bratty, that it’s practically impossible to even think about being around them. Brittany sounds like a spoiled rotten brat, who is going to grow up to be a spoiled rotten teenager, who is going to end up pregnant in high school, but don’t worry, because her mother will take care of the baby while she’s at school, and Brittany will continue to be a brat. Honestly, Brittany will probably be a brat when she’s forty.

Any kid that has a room big enough to jump around in, like Brittany does, has way more than most kids do, if only they got the concept of being grateful for what they have, maybe they wouldn’t be such brats.


Heck, I’m glad Allie moved away from Brittany.

Weigh In

Would you be friends with Brittany because she has nice things?

Did you ever move mid-school-year as a child?


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