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#749 Welcome to Dead House by R.L. Stine

Welcome to Dead House by R.L. StineWelcome to Dead House by R.L. Stine

Amanda and Josh have heard some bad news from their patents–they’re moving. Some uncle or the other has died and left their father an old brick house four hours away. They don’t want to move, but the house is much bigger than their current one and their father can finally work on his writing.

Amanda sees a boy in the house, which is odd. She assumed the house is haunted, but no one else in the family will give credence to her fears. The day comes; the family moves in. Amanda starts getting used to curtains fluttering with no wind and whispers in the night.

Josh and Amanda finally meet other children from the town. They start playing games at the nearby school yard. Several children say something strange–they used to live in Josh and Amanda’s house.

The dog has acted strange since moving in, but now he’s acting even stranger. The two siblings chase the dog into the graveyard. It’s there that they find a headstone of one of their friends, and then another, and another. They were dead.

The secret came out then yes, everyone in the town was dead. There was a terrible accident with some poisonous gas. Now everyone was the living dead. The town needed fresh blood to keep on going. Every year, someone else’s long-lost uncle died and left them a house. They moved in and then they were killed. The dogs went first.

Josh and Amanda had to get out with their parents, but was it too late for their parents?

What I liked

Nostalgia is probably my main reason to read this book. I’ve read it before, a long time ago, and there’s nothing wrong with revisiting it.

It’s a bit campy, but why not have a house where people are invited, to die? At least it’s fairly responsible. The people moving there will have most likely sold their old house and be less likely to leave behind debt to their extended families, you know, once they’re successfully dead.

What I didn’t like

This town sounds creepy. I’m sure nothing like this actually exists. It’s not a completely plausible story line, at least within the realm of reality. How’d they get out of their graves, if they’re the living dead? What kind of gas was this? What do they do with the blood, exactly?


If you inherit a house from an unknown relative, maybe be careful.

Weigh in

Would you take the house?

What do you think about the concept of the undead?


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