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#751 Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris

Then We Came to the End by Joshua FerrisThen We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris

Work is work, it’s before all the layoffs, but one guy is gone, and do are his bookshelves and chairs. Did someone know that these items are tracked with a serial number? It’s the office manager’s job to keep track of these things. Someone is fired, the day goes on.

There’s a rumor someone higher up in the company is having surgery, but how can that be? She was here this morning.

We’ll, she hadn’t made it to the surgery. She had been scared. No one was there to make her go. She didn’t want to deal with cancer. She didn’t have a significant other to be there for her and she didn’t really want one.

Meanwhile, the agency, whatever type it may be, is tasked with creating an ad that makes breast cancer patients laugh. How was one supposed to do that? What about cancer was funny?

Some started to suppose that their co-worker had made the project, as a laugh for herself.

Times move on and co-workers went elsewhere, even if the job hadn’t been bad.

What I liked

It’s an interesting style of book. It reminded me of workplace drama.

What I didn’t like

I feel as if this book is disjointed. You can follow it, but it’s not always intuitive. Yeah, it’s kind of neat that you see the rumors about someone all while knowing the inner dialogue of that person, but I’m not sure how I feel about it.

The office backbiting and bull crap in this book hurts. I’m less than a year from a situation where I was preyed upon at my workplace for false reasons. It hurt, knowing that I was and has been a valuable asset to my workplace, but someone’s personal workplace politics targeted me and I lost. It’s stupid. Valuable is valuable, but this book just proves there are workplace jerks everywhere.

I don’t really feel any great sympathy for any of the characters in this book. It makes me feel bad for myself.


Yes, they did certainly come to and end.

Weigh in

Have you suffered from workplace politics bull crap?

Are books that seem to jump around, without explanation, interesting or cumbersome?


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