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#755 Stay Out of the Basement by R.L. Stine

Stay Out of the Basement by R.L. StineStay Out of the Basement by R.L. Stine

Dad is working on something in the basement and he’s been really strange. He hasn’t said a whole lot. He often grunts instead of using words. He’s even yelled at the kids to stay out of the basement no matter what. The kids just can resist though. They go down into the basement and find some strange-looking plants. They’re the kind of plants no one has ever seen before. Of course, when Dad finds out, he’s incredibly angry. He installs a lock on the basement door this time.

Mom has to go away to her sister’s because the sister is having surgery. The kids are there alone, with Dad, and his strange plants. Things with Dad get stranger. He becomes even more reclusive. He is spied eating plant food in the kitchen instead of human food. His blood is green. He starts wearing a baseball cap all the time, even though it looks stupid. When the baseball cap gets knocked off of Dad’s head, there is something strange there, something that doesn’t seem possible.

There are strange creatures down in the basement that no one could have ever imagined.

What I liked

This book sounds like a warning against Monsanto. Kids, this is what genetic modification of plants can get you. Don’t do it. Just say no. Ok?

These experiments are mostly impossible with our current technology, but who is to say that it Monsanto won’t go too far one day?

What I didn’t like

While I do think this is funny and I’m joking about Monsanto genetically modifying plants, this isn’t possible. It’s not even remotely possible. The best horror tales or science fiction tales are the ones that are just out of reach. Maybe, just maybe, this could happen. That’s what makes the best science fiction or horror.


Just don’t mess with the plants.

Weigh In

If your dad was doing weird experiments in the basement, what would you do?

Injecting plants with animal DNA, yeah or nay?


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