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#772 Hit by a Farm by Catherine Friend

Hit by a Farm by Catherine FriendHit by a Farm by Catherine Friend

Catherine and her girlfriend, Melissa, had been together for a while when Melissa decided that she wanted to have a farm. This was certainly different from the life the couple had before. They had lived in the city. They had normal lives and normal friends. Farming was unchartered territory to both of them.

It wasn’t that they had absolutely no knowledge of farming; it was that they had done nothing like it themselves. They threw themselves into researching types of farms. What animals would they have? What plants would they have? They went to conferences. They bought books, much to Catherine’s joy. They finally decided on farming sheep and grapes. The sheep would make meat and wool. The grapes would make wine.

As much as the two researched farming, they weren’t entirely prepared for what came their way. Taking  care of sheep wasn’t exactly easy. The sheep had to have vaccinations. The sheep had to be wormed. There were predators. Sometimes the sheep got sick. The sheep had sex when you didn’t want them to have sex. When the sheep finally got old enough to have baby sheep lambing season was difficult and exhausting. Learning how to  cope with being a farmer was not easy.

Despite all this, Catherine went on and so did her relationship with Melissa, which was not easy with the farm and all. There were certainly times when Catherine thought about leaving the sheep, the llamas, the grapes, the chickens, the ducks, and even Melissa for a more sane life. Catherine realized that she had to get back to writing, so she did. She realized that all the craziness involved with raising sheep made for great stories.

What I liked

I like stories about farming. I’ve read quite a few, although, I haven’t really read any about sheep, well, not sheep specifically. I don’t think I could do it. It might be ok to have one or two, but farming sheep would not be my idea of farming. I’d like some plants and maybe some chickens.

Catherine’s stories certainly are interesting. She learned a whole lot about farming sheep. I learned a lot because I read her book, maybe I could even help a sheep give birth, well, maybe not, but Catherine talked about it so much I might be able to.

I also liked Catherine. I think she’s interesting. I’m kind of jealous of her life, the farming and the writing, wish I could write all the time and grow some stuff.

What I didn’t like

I mostly liked this book. It’s not entirely unique among farming memoirs, but it was certainly informative.


I won’t be getting sheep anytime soon, but they’re fun to read about.

Weigh In

Would you raise sheep?

If your spouse told you that they wanted to start a farm, what would you say?

#772 Hit by a Farm by Catherine Friend was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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