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#776 A Little Bit Wicked by Kristin Chenoweth

A Little Bit Wicked by Kristin ChenowethA Little Bit Wicked by Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth has been on our televisions in such shows as Pushing Daisies, but she’s also been on Broadway and in movies. You might have seen her in a little play called Wicked, in which, she played Galinda, the good witch. The story of Wicked is based on the book of the same name by author Gregory Maguire.

Kristin is quite more interesting than you might think. Starting off, Kristin was adopted and raised in Oklahoma. She loves Oklahoma and she loves the south. She always felt that she was meant to be with her family and she despises it when people say things like “adopted son” or “adopted daughter.” To Kristin, if you’ve been adopted, you’re family now and there are no qualifiers.

It didn’t take Kristin long to get into pageants, acting, and singing. She tried to be in several well-known pageants, but always felt she was overlooked because she was so short. Kristin is short, very short. She went on to get a master’s degree and tried to act on the big stage. She’s been classically trained to sing. She’s immensely talented. Wicked was a play that put Kristin on the map, in addition to You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. She’s gone on to be in movies and television. She’s also recorded her own CDs.

Through all of this, Kristin has maintained a faith in God and her religion. She likes church and she likes the idea of a God being there for her. She’s always tried to make her faith part of her life.

What I liked

I’ve known who Kristin is for a while and I’ve liked her in anything I’ve seen her in. I was surprised to find that she was so interesting. I figured she was short; I just didn’t know how short. I really like that she is classically trained to sing. I have been classically trained to sing as well, although I am severely out of practice. I admire anyone else who is classically trained to sing. After an hour or two of that, a person feels as if they’ve had a full workout. I remember being exhausted after practice.

I like that she’s from Oklahoma. I sort of hail from Oklahoma. Part of my family is from there and I still have a lot of family there.

I really want to see Wicked now. I’ve read the book, more than once. I’ve read the entire series actually. I would really like to see the play; it sounds wonderful. Someone buy me tickets.

I have a friend who was Miss United States and she is definitely tall, so I think Kristin’s assumption that short girls might be getting over-looked in the competition, could be true.

I also like the Kristin has stuck to a lot of her religious leanings. She’s not a fundamentalist by any means, but it’s nice to know that she does rely on a faith in something  bigger than herself.

What I didn’t like

Kristin wouldn’t have been my first choice of person to read about; I’m glad I did read about her, but she’s not one of those celebrities that you automatically think you should read about.

In some ways, I almost feel as if Kristin is being a little too old-fashioned in some of her thoughts, but it really is her life and she can think whatever she wants.


You have to sing from your hoo-hoo.

Weigh In

Would you have picked up a book about Kristin?

Do you want to see Wicked?

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