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#780 The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer

The Enchantress Returns by Chris ColferThe Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer

It’s been an entire year, a whole, long year since Conner and Alex have been to the Land of Stories, in fact, they haven’t even seen their grandmother. What in the world is going on? Things are changing in their lives in the regular world. It turns out their mom has a boyfriend, Dr. Bob. The children didn’t expect this at all. They thought Dr. Bob was a friend and now Dr. Bob wants to marry their mom.

The kids come to terms with this and on the night Dr. Bob is set to propose, Mom doesn’t show up back at home. Mom is late and Mom is never late. Who does show up is their grandmother, the Fairy Godmother, and a bunch of soldiers from The Land of Stories. Conner and Alex are put under lock down in the house. Their mom is gone. The story finally comes out though, their mother has been kidnapped by the most bad enchantress of them all. Everyone thought she was dead, but she’s back in full force and she wants to take over not only The Land of Stories, but also the regular world.

Conner and Alex feel that they have to get back to The Land of Stories, but they’re not sure how. They think the best place to look is their grandmother’s cabin. It’s a bit treacherous getting there, but they finally do and find a painting. If the kids from The Chronicles of Narnia can get into Narnia through a painting of Narnia, Alex and Conner decide they can get into The Land of Stories through a painting of The Land of Stories. It works, but not without sinking the house.

The two are back in The Land of Stories, but things are bad. People start getting kidnapped left and right. Awful things are happening. The twins learn that they can create a want to counteract the power of the enchantress, but they must go collect the most prized possessions of so-called villains. The quest will not be easy, nor will it be fun, especially since Red Riding Hood is along for the adventure, and we all know how she is.

What I liked

I’m still liking the series. I like that Alex and Conner go back to The Land of Stories. I was kind of hoping that their Dad would still be alive somewhere in The Land of Stories, but I guess it’s not going to happen.

I like that this series gives a back story  and second-opinion to many of the so-called villains of the fairy tales. Yeah, some of them were truly awful, but if you look at their situations, almost anyone would be awful if they were in their places.

What I didn’t like

I’m not sure about this Dr. Bob guy. What an ordinary name. I think Bi-lo has a knock-off of Dr. Pepper called Dr. Bob. Go get me some Diet Dr. Bob. We’re Dr. Pepper drinkers in this house, because it’s the drink of agnostics…that was South Park, but I do prefer Dr. Pepper. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve drunk/guzzled, a lot of Diet Cokes, but Diet Dr. Pepper  and I have a committed relationship. I’m also not an agnostic.

Getting back to the book–as I said, I’m not sure about Dr. Bob yet, maybe he’s great, or maybe he’s an evil sorcerer disguised as a doctor.


You know, in some part, if you think about it, fairy tales are very female-centric…well, at least the ones Disney likes to remake. The rest of them are quite male-centric.

Weigh In

Would you go live in a fairy tale world?

What do you think about Dr. Bob?

#780 The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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