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#783 The Great Turkey Heist created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Great Turkey Heist created by Gertrude Chandler WarnerThe Great Turkey Heist created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Someone in town wa to start a food pantry, but so far, it’s rather pathetic. There’s not a lot of food in it and not a lot of people know about it. The Alden children decide they want to help. They make fliers and they make a turkey to show off the location of the food pantry, but things start to go wrong. Some people don’t like the idea of a food pantry. In fact, someone accuses the man starting the food pantry of using it to get food for his restaurant. Someone takes down the fliers the Aldens put up. The kicker of the whole situation is that someone steals their turkey. Why would someone steal a fake turkey?

Who could have done such a thing?

What I liked

I like that the Alden children are doing a little community service in starting a food pantry.

What I didn’t like

I don’t like that someone automatically assumes that someone is doing something good for personal gain.

This story does bring up a bit of a problem. There are plenty of people in every community who need food, but there isn’t always a place for them to go and get food. If there is, not many people may know about it. I certainly don’t know of a place to go and take food I don’t need. For that matter, so many institutions have gotten so tied up in red tape that maybe you can’t actually give them food. For example, maybe you bought a case of lima beans, but you’ve realized you’re not going to eat a case of lima beans, but there are certainly people who would be more than happy to eat your lima beans because they’re hungry. The problem is that your lima beans are past their sell-by date and the food pantry won’t take them, even though they look fine. Many foods are actually fine past that sell-by date by the way, and, if you were hungry, you really wouldn’t care about some arbitrarily imposed date. It’s actually not arbitrary. I’m sure there was some logic that went into stamping that date on each can of lima beans.

I think people would be willing to help other people if they knew how to help them. Getting back to the Alden children, it’s actually good what they did–making people more aware that there was an institution to help people.


Bring back my fake turkey!

Weigh In

Do you know where the local food pantry in your town is?

Do you think people should ever be discouraged from helping others?

#783 The Great Turkey Heist created by Gertrude Chandler Warner was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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