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#789 Because She Can by Bridie Clark

Because She Can by Bridie ClarkBecause She Can by Bridie Clark

Claire’s boss is retiring so she’s looking into a new job. She also has a new, and rich, boyfriend. He gets her an interview with Vivian Grant. She manages a successful publishing company, a company known to publish anything sensational. Claire is offered a lot of money and given the title of editor, but things are not easy.

It turns out Vivian is an awful boss. She asks near impossible tasks of all her employees and she is mentally abusive. Claire has told herself that she will work there a year. In the meantime, she reconnects with the nephew of her old boss and helps him publish a book. She plans to marry her rich boyfriend, but it turns out that Claire is looking for a little more than money in life.

What I liked

I liked that Claire finally got together with someone who was a little better fit for her.

What I didn’t like

The entire time I was reading this I was asking myself, “Is this The Devil Wears Prada“? The two plots are similar, although I have never read the other book.

I was in sort of a similar situation to Claire a while back. I had a good boss, but he left. A new boss came in, who made my job awful. It was a job I enjoyed, but ultimately, I had to leave because this person pushed and shoved and was dishonest and disrespectful enough that I couldn’t be there anymore. Sometimes a job isn’t worth it. In Claire’s case, her job really isn’t worth it. The sad thing is, people like Vivian and my old boss are still going on in the world, talking like they’re the greatest thing ever, as opposed to getting their just desserts.

No job is worth mental abuse. I’m glad I’ve never been in such a situation. Here’s the thing–it sucks that Vivian is like this, because she’s horrible, but it also sucks that Claire took it, willingly. Claire had ample advice about Vivian. She chose to ignore it. Claire knew what she was like, but she kept working there. Claire subjected herself to this abuse, on purpose. It’s a completely different thing if the abuse comes on so gradually that you don’t notice it, or your mental state is so off that you can’t pick out mental abuse, but to know what you’re walking into, and do it anyway, is stupid. That’s like saying you don’t have any self-respect for yourself, or that you would sell your self-respect for money. You might as well go and be a prostitute, at least you might get a few orgasms out of the deal, maybe.

Let’s talk about this rich boyfriend–so many of us have had this fantasy, at one point or the other, that some rich guy is going to come along and just think we’re wonderful. He’s going to buy us lavish gifts and we’re going to live in a nice house and so forth. We think the rich guy will relate to us and we’ll have this happy life. How often does that happen? Not often. Look, even if Mr. Rich Guy does come along, chances are that his life experience does not mesh with yours. He’s not going to be able to relate to anything in your life. He will probably look down on your life. He may think it’s ok to cheat on you. I get that this is a great fantasy, but what are we really going to have in common with a rich guy who plays polo and spends his vacations in  Southampton, when you went to Disney World that one time and you were happy to get it? It’s not likely that your lives will mesh to an extent that makes a relationship viable.

Please don’t give me a stuck up rich guy, ever. Down to earth rich guy, sure, but not a stuck up one. I’ve had enough with a man thinking he’s better than me because his family was sightly better off than mine, my ex, so I don’t need anymore in a life time.

This book was just kind of infuriating, for several reasons and ultimately seems like a knock off.

Oh…and, it’s a writer writing about a writer.


Just quit.

Weigh In

Would you work for Vivian?

Have you ever quit a job because of the way you were treated, even if the pay was good?

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