Bin Laden-Carmen, Memoir, Non-Fiction

#795 Inside the Kingdom by Carmen Bin Laden

Inside the Kingdom by Carmen Bin LadenInside the Kingdom by Carmen Bin Laden

Carmen was dazzled by a young man at her home in Switzerland. This man was from the Bin Laden family, which, at the time, was a wealthy family with a large construction company in Saudi Arabia. At the time, the name was not associated with terror. The man Carmen fell in love with, and married, was an older brother to Osama Bin Laden, who would later become the most infamous terrorist of our modern age.

At the time, Carmen was in love. She got married and moved to Saudi Arabia. The adjustment was not easy. Carmen did not like covering from head to toe every time she went out. She couldn’t go anywhere by herself. She was always looked down on because she was a foreigner. She soon gave birth to daughters, instead of the prized sons. She knew that if she stayed in Saudi Arabia, her daughters would not have any chance at life. She decided to leave.

She left and went to raise three daughters on her own, with little money. No one would grant her a divorce from her husband. Meanwhile, there were whispers and whispers about things her brother-in-law was doing. When Carmen heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center, she knew that it was Osama who had done such a terrible thing. Carmen and her daughters ended up suffering backlash by having the Bin Laden name.

What I liked

This was an interesting look into something we’re all familiar with, or we know of it. We know the name Bin Laden. We know about the extremism that he practiced. This book goes to show that not everyone practices the same brand of extremism that Osama did.

What I didn’t like

The entire idea of the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia disgusts me. I cannot believe someone would go into it willingly. I can’t believe Carmen stayed in it so long and subjected herself and her daughters to such a thing. The religion itself isn’t what’s bad, it’s how people have perverted it.


I feel bad for Carmen and her family for being attached to such a black mark.

Weigh In

If your name was Bin Laden would you change it?

Would you ever live in Saudi Arabia?

#795 Inside the Kingdom by Carmen Bin Laden was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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