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#809 Good Talk, Dad by Bill & Willie Geist

Good Talk, Dad by Bill & Willie GeistGood Talk Dad by Bill & Willie Geist

Bill and Willie Geist have both been in television for years, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re a normal father and son, or as normal as any father and son can be. Bill talks about his life with Willie and Willie talks about his life with his father. Their life together wasn’t always easy. Bill went to war to become a photographer and didn’t make a whole lot of money when he came back, but ultimately, he got into television.

Bill became a normal voice on TVs everywhere and Willie watched, despite the fact that Willie never got an official birds and the bees talk.

Willie played a whole lot of sports, a whole darn lot. He got hired by CNN and later got hired to do a sports show. He talked about sports and more sports. People started asking him to host other shows.

Meanwhile, Bill had something to reveal with his fans. He had been living with Parkinson’s disease for sometime. He decided to share with the whole world. Despite what should have happened, Willie and Bill ended up alright.

What I liked

It’s nice to put a voice to a name. I’m familiar with both Willie and Bill’s voices, bit didn’t know who they were.

I also felt it was rather novel for a father and son to write a book together. It really seems like something a mother and daughter would do. I think this must have been a nice bonding experience for them.

I loved the part where Willie takes his son to the NYPD, where the police officer on duty admonishes Georgie, Willie’s son, to eat his vegetables or not to hit his sister. Hilarious.

What I didn’t like

I don’t give one flying flip about sports and this is unfortunate because Willie talks about them a lot. I don’t care about football, baseball, handball, soccer, hockey, basketball, trash ball, tennis ball, spoon ball, or any other sort of ball that someone plays with someone else. I just don’t care.

In fact, about as far as I go as far as caring about sports is that I tend to think individual sports are way more impressive than team sports. Football is an excuse for men to try to touch each other’s butts, but some guy practicing for years to be able to do all that cool stuff on a gymnastics horse/vault/whatever they call that thing is pretty impressive.

Bill and Willie are interesting guys, but so much of their lives revolve around sports that I just don’t care. They’re nice guys, but they’re not from my tribe.


Good game *smacks butt* *guy blushes* *other guy makes “call me” sign*

Weigh in

Would you go into the same field as your father?

If you’re from a family that centered their lives around sports, was it enjoyable to your growing up experience or was it a burden?

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