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#812 The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey TrescottThe Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott

We all know what Paleo is, or we’ve all heard of it. It’s the diet where a person simulates the diet of a Neanderthal, basically. You don’t eat grains and you don’t eat dairy. You don’t eat a lot of stuff. A more in-depth version of Paleo is known as autoimmune Paleo, or AIP. This version of Paleo further restricts what you can and cannot have in an attempt to heal damage to your digestive system, and generally your body. As healing occurs, you can experiment with adding things back in.

This book is a cookbook, but it’s also a why behind AIP. Why would you do it? Why would you need to? What is the diet going to do? What is ok and what’s not ok? All of that is in this book. It also has some nice pictures.

It’s easy to follow, so if you’re endeavoring to go AIP, this book will start you off on the right foot. There’s a meal plan. There’s a pantry list. You can learn how to make bone broth, if you didn’t know already.

What I liked

The presentation of this book is very nice. The information is informative and the recipes aren’t bad, none of them are extremely difficult. I do like the idea of a meal plan in this book, not that I’m going to follow it, but it’s a nice touch.

Since I have to go AIP for a while, this book is a very good resource. Most people will find AIP much too restrictive and would go with regular Paleo, but if you had to go AIP, I think this book is a very good help.

What I didn’t like

I would have loved a lower carb meal plan in this book. Paleo itself is not low carb, neither is AIP, although it’s typically lower carb than your traditional American diet. If you wanted to lose weight right away while doing AIP, there is a chance it may not happen with the included meal plan. It might, but it might not. For many of us, getting healthier involves losing at least a little weight. If I’m already drastically changing my diet, I would love to see some results that I can see. Getting lower or higher whatevers on your laboratory results are wonderful, and healthy, but it’s also nice to know that your drastic changes are paying off in a visible way.


Get ready for kale.

Weigh In

Do you prefer your cook books to have pictures?

Do you think Paleo is great?

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