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#815 Answering the Call by Ken Gire

Answering the Call by Ken GireAnswering the Call by Ken Gire

Most of us have probably never heard of Albert Schweitzer, including me. So who was Albert? Well, Albert was a doctor who spent most of his life in Africa doctoring people. He was also an accomplished organist. In addition to all of this, he also gave lectures.

When Albert and his wife married, they were off to Africa pretty soon. Albert had been told that there would be a hospital in the small African village he was going to, but there wasn’t. There was nothing. There was Albert’s house and a chicken coop that someone had abandoned. These were his only spaces to treat patients. He did just that. He saw patients on the porch.

He soon found out many quirks of natives. They wouldn’t eat food provided by Albert and his wife because they were afraid of poisoning. They also considered certain things fetishes. The cardboard name tags that they had to carry around as patients were never lost, because the people looked upon them as a fetish.

Eventually a hospital was built. Albert even helped design it. Albert and his wife were back and forth between Europe and Africa. They had a daughters. Life was okay, until the war came. The war brought short supplies to the hospital. At one point, Albert and his wife were even prisoners of war for some time.

Even after Albert’s wife died, Albert went right on doctoring people up. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for some of his work.

What I liked

I never knew Albert existed. So it’s nice to learn about someone like Albert. He was a man who devoted most of his life to other people. He was  good guy. It’s refreshing to hear about people with such dedication. He lived away from his family for years and years, in order to provide healthcare to people who really needed it. He saved all kinds of lives.

What I didn’t like

I liked the book, although, I do feel like I breezed through it much too fast.


Here’s to Albert, being a doctor, where doctors are needed.

Weigh In

Could you go live away from your family solely to help others?

Could you live helping others, and without the normal things we have in life–money, house, etc.?

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