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#816 Due Date by Lee Isserow

Due Date by Lee IsserowDue Date by Lee Isserow

Nina comes home one day to find that her wife, Lisa, is missing. Lisa hasn’t just went shopping, she’s been kidnapped. The problem is compounded by the fact that Lisa is pregnant and due any day. It’s not long before the kidnapper calls. He wants fifty thousand pounds. Nina scrounges up what she can from her bank accounts and then asks friends for money. Her family was no help.

She gives the money to the kidnapper and attempts to follow him, but it doesn’t end well. The kidnapper demands another fifty-thousand pounds. Up until this point, Nina has had no idea who would be out to kidnap her wife. Who would go through the trouble? Sure, Nina and Lisa are gay, but is that really enough to warrant a kidnapping of a very pregnant woman?

There’s more to the story though. Nina demands proof of life from the kidnappers. She wants to talk to Lisa. When she does, she knows who has taken Lisa. Can she get Lisa out in time? What about the baby?

What I liked

This book was  certainly fast-paced. It was twisty and a bit turny. I had no idea who had kidnapped Lisa, until the back story came out.

What I didn’t like

This is not a happy book. Sure, it’s interesting and fast-paced, but it’s not happy. There may not be enough meat in this book to keep a serious reader satisfied.

There is a pretty large part of this book that hinges on the idea of Nina and Lisa being gay, rather than this story happening to have gay characters, if that makes sense. If the fact that these two characters are gay was just accepted as who these people are, the book would be minus some drama, a lot of drama actually. In this book, it seems to be just as important as the fact that somebody got kidnapped. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, I’m not sure.

I think it’s cruel of someone to kidnap another person and then demand money. Like someone isn’t going to catch you? How many kidnappers who demand ransom are caught? I would hazard that more kidnappers who demand ransom are caught than kidnappers who just flat-out kidnap people. You’re leaving clues. Your calls are being traced and triangulated. Your letters are being fingerprinted. Your IP address is being traced. You really think someone is going to give you a bunch of money and you’re going to get away to spend it? Fat chance. I’m sure it happens every once in a while, but I think more kidnappers who demand ransom end up in prison or dead, than they do on the beaches of Jamaica, or wherever.

To top that off, who has that kind of money? Not middle-class working people. Heck, not even the lower-upper-class have that much money lying around. Any person who takes someone’s relative and then demands a ton of money for ransom is both an idiot and a jerk.


Makes you a bit paranoid about being kidnapped.

Weigh In

How would you feel if someone kidnapped one of your loved ones?

Do you think kidnapping is a crime that pays?

#816 Due Date by Lee Isserow was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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