#820 Disconnected by Jennifer Weiner

Disconnected by Jennifer WeinerDisconnected by Jennifer Weiner

Shannon is fresh out of rehab. She was told to change her number. Get away from all the people she used to do drugs with. She goes to the cell phone store and the nice man there helps her get a new phone and change her number. It seems like Shannon may be off to a good start, right?

She starts getting text messages from someone, she doesn’t know who. The text messages are about doing drugs. Shannon is desperately trying to get away from all that. She misses being a writer. She misses being a normal person. She asks the guy at the cell phone store about the text messages. He says the text messages must be for someone who used to have the number. He suggests ignoring them.

Shannon tries, but when she gets texts talking about a girl, who is “ready for it,” but now there is something wrong, she leaps into action. Shannon has done enough drugs to tell, from a picture in a text message, where the house is that the girl is in. She looks around for a party and she finds it. The girl is there. Shannon is able to help the girl call 911 and get her out of there. Shannon has done something with her new sobriety and it has helped another person.

What I liked

I liked this story. Shannon uses her abilities, gained from her days of being a drug user, to save a young woman, probably from death. Hopefully, this would serve as a testament to Shannon about not using drugs. If she had been using at the time, would she have cared about this girl?

What I didn’t like

Drugs can ruin a person’s life. I know there are so many people who have the attitude of, “They’re grown adults, let them do it.” Honestly, I kind of have that attitude as well. Should people really be imprisoned for something they do to themselves? If they do it to someone else, that’s certainly grounds for imprisonment. With that said, I really wish the amount of drugs could be limited. People throw their lives away over drug use. It’s sad


Wrong text leads to saved life.

Weigh In

Have you ever gotten a wrong text that has led to anything more?

What do you think–should people be prosecuted for something they do to themselves?

#820 Disconnected by Jennifer Weiner was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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