#821 A Grimm Warning by Chris Colfer

A Grimm Warning by Chris ColferA Grimm Warning by Chris Colfer

This installment of The Land of Stories finds Conner taking a trip to Europe, for a special reading of some newly found Grimm’s fairy tales. Alex is back in The Land of Stories. That’s where she stayed. She’s well on her way to being on the counsel and a serious apprentice to the fairy godmother.

Conner finds that a couple of the Grimm’s stories are very similar to the stories he wrote, inspired by The Land of Stories. The last story is strange though. It seems to be a warning. It talks of an army heading for The Land of Stories. It would take them two-hundred years to get there. Conner also has reason to believe that Mother Goose was involved in the whole thing.

He desperately tries to get a hold of Alex via his communication mirror, but she’s off being a fairy and talking with a boy. He does manage to talk to Mother Goose and she sends him on a mission. He must go and check that a portal is still closed. A couple of other people get dragged in along the way. Conner and his friends make it through the portal to The Land of Stories, but the army has made it as well. The first place they go is the prison and start freeing the prisoners to fight on their side. A masked man tells them they must have a dragon to win against the fairies.

Conner and Alex go throughout the kingdom trying to gain support to fight against the army. It’s rough going, but soon an all-out battle between a French army and the people from The Land of Stories is waging. The man in the mask is quite a secret, one that Alex finds out and it does not please her.

What I liked

I really liked that this book included references to the Grimm’s fairy tales. If you didn’t know, I spent over a year studying the fairy tales and I wrote a post about each one. So if you want to get into some of that, just peruse my site and you’ll find all kinds of writing about the Grimm’s stories.

This really brought to mind The Grimm’s Brothers movie. There were French army guys in it as well, who sought to burn down everything mysterious, which sounds an awfully lot like what was happening in this book.

There was also intrigue and something that I had been expecting for a while.

What I didn’t like

I enjoyed it, I don’t really have anything bad to say about it.


I still say that I would prefer to hop into Middle Earth, if I was going to hop into any stories.

Weigh In

If such a place as The Land of Stories existed, do you think our modern armies could have any chance against them?

If you had a choice between living in our world, and a world like The Land of Stories, which would you choose?

#821 A Grimm Warning by Chris Colfer was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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