#823 The Life and Trial of Lizzie Borden by Charles River Editors

The Life and Trial of Lizzie Borden by Charles River EditorsThe Life and Trial of Lizzie Borden by Charles River Editors

Lizzie Borden may have murdered her family with an axe, but maybe she didn’t. The thing is, the only person who knows, is Lizzie, and she’s long dead and gone. This a recounting of Lizzie.

Lizzie had an older sister, who was quite a bit older. Their mother died young. The father remarried and neither of the sisters like their step-mother. Most young women got married and left their homes during this time, but neither Lizzie, nor her sister ever got married. So they stayed at the house and stayed at the house.

When Lizzie was twenty-seven, some strange accounts and stories started circulating from the house. Some say Lizzie had tried to buy cyanide. Some say that members of the household were claiming they were being poisoned. One morning, Lizzie said her stepmother had gone to visit someone who was sick, but the truth of it was that her stepmother was dead, upstairs in her room, killed by an axe. Lizzie’s father was also dead, cut down by an axe as well.

Lizzie was soon placed under suspicion and had to go on trial. Things didn’t add up though. There wasn’t any hard evidence against Lizzie. There was no murder weapon. Ultimately, Lizzie, wasn’t charged with murder. She left her home and went to live as quiet of a life as she could elsewhere.

The house the murders were committed in is now a museum.

What I liked

Having a little more information about Lizzie is informative. I knew some of this, but not as much as this book has, so it’s nice to know a little more.

What I didn’t like

I don’t have enough information to even accurately begin to form my own opinion about Lizzie. Did she murder her parents? Maybe. Did she not murder her parents? Maybe. At this point, I don’t know and I can’t condemn Lizzie for murder if I can’t even form an opinion about whether or not she did it.


Lizzie Borden might get you.

Weigh In

Don’t you think Lizzie could have picked a better method of murder, if she did it?

Do you think she did it?

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