#826 The Soddit by A.R.R.R. Roberts

The Soddit by A.R.R.R. RobertsThe Soddit by A.R.R.R. Roberts

Bingo was minding his own business, living among the Soddits, when a wizard showed up, or that’s what he said he was. Then some dwarves showed up; they all had funny names. The king of the dwarves was the shortest. The whole purpose of this visit was to get Bingo to come along to a visit to the Only mountain, where a dragon lived. It wasn’t the only mountain; it was just called that.

So, Bingo reluctantly went on a journey. Three of the dwarves were eaten right away by trollops. They entered under the mountains, where Bingo met a strange creature, who wanted to play at riddles, but Bingo isn’t very good at riddles. He found a thing while he was in there. It was a thing and he can’t say the name of the thing, because it’s trademarked.

The journey continued, on til elf country and spider country. They met with the bear man, who happily told them all about his Scandinavian home decor designs. It turns out he was  a little too weird, so they left.

They finally ended up at the Only mountain, where ravens, or crows, who acted like thugs, told them how to get into the mountain, through a chimney. When Bingo told the dragon there that everyone was terrified of him, the dragon was only too obliged to set things to right. Bingo finds out something strange. The purpose of this whole quest was not to destroy to dragon, but to do something entirely different. Then there was a great battle with several armies. Bingo used the thing.

What I liked

I love the idea of Middle Earth. This book is a parody of The Hobbit, if you haven’t guessed that already. There is humor in the original book, but this book adds a whole lot more. I really liked that Bjorn, as he is called in this book, was all into decorating and furniture. It’s hilarious. Also, the thing is trademarked so you can’t say what it is –awesome.

If you haven’t read The Hobbit, there’s actually probably enough in this book for you to get the general idea. Do not rely on this book as a Hobbit substitute, it’s not. You’ll think this book is humorous if you know enough of the story to poke fun at it.

The whole concept of a bunch of strangers showing up at your house to have a drinking party and the next day you’re on an epic adventure is pretty crazy.

What I didn’t like

Some parts of this book were rather silly. I love silly, don’t get me wrong, but it’s that kind of you have to groan silly.


One thing to find them, one thing to bring them to the darkness and bind them.

Weigh In

If a bunch of strange people showed up at your house and you guys had an epic drinking party, but they wanted you to go on an adventure the next day, would you?

Is a parody the best form of flattery?

#826 The Soddit by A.R.R.R. Roberts was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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