#828 Elon Musk by My Ebook Publishing House

 Elon Musk by My Ebook Publishing House Elon Musk by My Ebook Publishing House

Most of us know Elon Musk as that smart guy who invents electric cars and other technological advances. Well, that’s what he is. He’s that smart guy that invents things. He buys and sells companies. He’s super rich. He’s been married two or three times. He has five children.

He invented the Tesla car, which sounds pretty neat and some solar panel roof shingles.

What I liked

I liked learning a little more about Elon and the things he’s doing. I really find some of the things Elon has done to be very inspiring. It seems he’s advancing our world more by himself than a whole lot of other people combined.

What I didn’t like

First of all, why in the heck does this book not have an actual author? Did they just go around the office and get a quote about Elon Musk from everyone who worked there? Why isn’t there one, or two, or even three, authors listed on this book?

This book doesn’t have a lot of substance and I find it wasn’t written very well. Elon also seems like kind of a jerk. You would think a guy who seems to be doing a lot for the advancement of humanity would seem a little more human himself. He kind of sounds like a robot. Maybe he’s really nice– I don’t know, but he  could also be a lizard person. You just can never tell, who is, and who isn’t, a lizard person.


Elon hire me, I’m sure you’re nice; I can think of lots of neat ideas. Oh and hire Grizzly Pirate Wynn as well, he’s super smart.

Weigh In

Do you think you could hang out with Elon?

What do you think about some of Elon’s technologies?

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