What’s going on at One-elevenbooks this year?

What's going on at One-elevenbooks this year?What’s going on at One-elevenbooks this year?

Readers, you may have figured out that I have not written a single post this year, so far, that wasn’t a book review. I haven’t mentioned any special projects for this year. I haven’t issued myself any particular challenges.

There is a challenge. I just haven’t mentioned it on the website yet. The challenge for 2017 is to get to 1000 books reviewed. I’m on 830 right now. That means, I need to get 170 more before the end of the year, which should be doable, not easy, but doable. I just felt that 2017 needed something big. I’ve made a lot of changes in my life this past year so 2017 could certainly be a year of big things.

I do have my personal blog, which I write on from time to time, but in case you’re wondering what’s going on with the woman who apparently does nothing but read all day–here it is.

I became a programmer, a for real programmer, last year. I spend my days programming and listening to books. I’ve paid off my divorce debt, hooray. I’m sure I’ve mentioned getting divorced, which happened last year, on May the 4th, so it was Star Wars Day. May the fourth be with you…get it. The divorce was a long and drawn-out process made much more difficult by my ex. It also took every penny I had and then some. thus why paying off my divorce debt is a big deal.

I got myself a great new boyfriend, Grizzly Pirate Wynn, who I’ve mentioned before. He’s a chemist, an analytical chemist; he’s not really a pirate. No he doesn’t make meth. We do lots of things together, binge watch shows, hiking, mountain biking, cooking, and board gaming. We also do projects. I have almost successfully kicked his butt at war board games twice. He’s a great guy who likes to read, plus, plus, plus, at least in my book.

On the bad side of things, I’ve had an autoimmune flare-up, a lot of stuff has gone wrong, health wise, and I’ve felt like junk. I’ve gone from being in shape, to feeling incredibly unfit, in the space of a year because of this flare-up. I’m currently on a special autoimmune diet to try to combat some of this awful autoimmune stuff. When I think about where I was compared to where I am now, it’s rather sad. It just means I have to try really hard to be healthy again.

For more bad stuff, my boyfriend, lost his father recently. He didn’t lose his dad at Wal-mart; it’s a euphemism you know, for dying. Grizzly Pirate Wynn senior was an inventor and an incredibly smart man. I went with my boyfriend to see his inventing room, well, his shop, recently. It’s a tinkerer’s paradise. I was too short to reach many of the things, all the hardware, in assigned places, all along the walls, above the counters. Grizzly Pirate Wynn, father and son, are both rather tall. My grandfather, who is not educated past the third-grade, but is something of an engineer and inventor himself, would have gone into the inventing room and just stayed there. I would never ever see him again if I took him there. Oh, where’s Papa? He’s back there, with all those tools, in the dark corner, with all the greasy parts.

Hopefully, there aren’t many more sad things for the year. Hopefully, I get to a thousand books this year.

Please keep in mind that you can recommend books for me to review. I can read your book, if you’ve written one. If there’s some book that you want an opinion on, feel free to send it my way. If you have any friends who are writers and need their books reviewed, send them my way.

As always, keep reading, and hang out with me until we hit 1000 books.

P.S. the two cats are Cocoa, on the left, and Parsley, on the right.

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