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#832 The Golden Willow by Harry Bernstein

The Golden Willow by Harry BernsteinThe Golden Willow by Harry Bernstein

Harry married a woman named Ruby.  They planted a golden willow tree in their yard. They had two children. They each had to work very hard to make ends meet. Harry was a writer and for a long time didn’t bring home a lot of money. Things came easier as they got older.

When Harry was in his nineties, he decided to write a book. He shopped around for people to publish it, but it took some time before it was published. This book is Harry’s third book. It’s all about his life with his wife.

They started out renting a room. There was no shower. The landlady said the plumber would be there soon, but he never showed up. Years later, they were in the same neighborhood; they thought it might be nice to see where they used to live. The man who lived there, or bought the place, was kind enough to let them see the room they started their marriage in. There was still no shower. They laughed about that one.

Ruby died first, which was sad. Harry didn’t want to be alone. He started writing his books to fill the time and to fulfill a life-long dream of being an author.

What I liked

This book was certainly sweet. It’s about Harry’s life with his beloved wife. Their life wasn’t easy, but they loved each other very much. They weathered many storms, but fared much better than many other people in relationships. The willow was a symbol of their love. They watched it grow and mature.

It is really inspiring that Harry wrote these books past his nineties. That’s a lot of stuff to remember for someone as old as Harry was at the time.

What I didn’t like

While this book is certainly sweet, I don’t see anything super special about it. They had a great marriage, good for them, but there’s nothing that sets them far apart from anyone else. The best thing about the couple is that they made it so long with a minimal level of strife, which is impressive, but not unheard of if you’ve found a good match.

Harry has died, in case you were wondering. He died in 2011. I’m sure he’s happy to be with Ruby again.


I do like the idea of planting a tree to commemorate a relationship.

Weigh In

Would you write a book about your relationship with your loved one?

Do you think it’s sweet that Harry wrote a book after all those years?

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