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#834 Hell’s Menagerie by Kelly Gay

Hell's Menagerie by Kelly GayHell’s Menagerie by Kelly Gay

Emma knows her mother wouldn’t let her do this, that is, if her mother knew. By this, Emma means, going to Hell, to rescue a hell-hound and her puppies. She has her own hell-hound with her. Her mother has a special permit to keep him for studies.

Something nefarious has happened to the hell-hound and her puppy. The guess is that she’s at a zoo, of sorts. The zoo is just a tent with rows of cages. Strange animals from all three worlds are there. Emma has a special connection with the hell hounds. She can command them without really speaking to them. A terrible deal is made, a trade. One animal, for other animals. Emma’s not going to leave Hell while all those animals are still in cages. She’ll find a way to get them out.

What I liked

This idea of hell hounds being a tangible thing is interesting. I’ve watched my share of Supernatural, where hell hounds abounded for a while, but the idea of a hell-hound wasn’t exactly concrete in that series. Hell, as having animals, is an interesting concept to think about.

What I didn’t like

I don’t really like this idea of people going to Hell, not in the religious sense, nor in the sense that this book is using the idea of people going to Hell. The very idea of it is awful, even if it’s not a real place. The fact that someone would go there, either by choice, or not by choice, is pretty awful and I don’t like to think about it. I mean, hooray for Emma for all her sleuthing, but not hooray for going to Hell. If it were a place you could go to by walking, or whatever, I would strongly caution people against going there.


This is number one on a list of places not to go.

Weigh In

If Hell were a real place, you could walk to, would you ever consider going there?

What do you think about supernatural animals?

#834 Hell’s Menagerie by Kelly Gay was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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