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#836 The Burning Room by Michael Connelly

The  Burning Room by Michael ConnellyThe Burning Room by Michael Connelly

Detective Bosch is training a new detective, when a chance to charge a man with murder, ten years prior, occurs. A man in a mariachi band, was shot outside. The bullet lodged in his spine and it took ten years to kill him. Bosch wants to get the shooter for murder.

The case is compounded by the fact that the mayor is somehow involved in it. He used the man, wheelchair bound for the last ten years of his life, as something of a campaign tool, sort of. Bosch follows clues, meets an unfavorable park ranger, and tries to parent his daughter. She’s always away at this club or that club. She wants to be a detective too.

Bosch promises the scoop to a reporter friend as he finds out more.

More and more people get involved with a crime that occurred ten years before. In some places the trail is cold, but can Bosch figure it out?

What I liked

I haven’t read any Bosch novels before, although, I have seen some of the television show. I am not disappointed. I think Bosch is an interesting detective. Bosch is the book is a bit different from Bosch on the show. I actually listened to this book and I loved that Titus Welliver was narrating it. I’ll always remember him as the Man in Black from Lost. He’s got some great ghost stories as well.

Detective novels are so ubiquitous that there has to be something special about the detective for it to be interesting. Many detectives end up being Sherlock Holmes reincarnations. I’m not saying Bosch is breaking that pattern. He’s still a Sherlock, but he’s not so mediocre that you’d predict everything he’s doing.

What I didn’t like

I guess you can prosecute someone for murder ten years after the fact. I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations for murder is much longer than most crimes, if it exists at all. I don’t see why there should be a statute of limitations for murder. I don’t really know that you could charge someone with murder if a person didn’t die until ten years later. They were still alive for some time. Maybe you could charge a person with attempted murder, but I’m not sure how accurate an actual murder charge would be in this type of situation.


I’m looking forward to more Bosch.

Weigh In

Do you like Bosch?

Are any detectives free from the idea of Sherlock Holmes?

#836 The Burning Room by Michael Connelly was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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