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#841 Sophie by Emma Pearse

Sophie by Emma PearseSophie by Emma Pearse

In the land down under, a family got a puppy, a cattle dog, and named her Sophie. The puppy grew. The family’s children went away to college, but Sophie the dog remained. The dog soon took to the water along with the family on their boat. They would take the boat out and explore small islands in the area.

One day, while exploring, the couple went down below deck, for just a minute, when they came back up, Sophie was gone, swept overboard. They looked and looked, but could not see their beloved family pet. They assumed the worst–Sophie was dead.

By sheer determination and luck, Sophie was not dead. She actually swam for quite some time to get to a nearby island. There she survived for a short period of time, before swimming to another island. The islands Sophie found herself on did not allow dogs. The islands actually allow no pets, no outside animals, other than the native animals found on the island. Sophie was in danger of being picked up by rangers, and possibly euthanized. All in all, Sophie survived for five months on her own.

What I liked

Sophie was one determined dog. She didn’t mope around when her humans disappeared, she survived. Sophie is an admirable animal. Her story is heartwarming and dramatic. I’m glad the family was reunited with their beloved pet.

What I didn’t like

It’s sad that Sophie was lost for so long. I don’t know if Sophie was still alive. This event occurred in 2007, I believe. The book was published in 2011. It’s now 2017. That would make Sophie around thirteen years old, if she’s still living.


My dog would just whine and lament the fact that no one was feeding him, if this happened to him–goner is about two days.

Weigh In

Would your dog survive this?

What do you think Sophie’s motives for surviving were?

#841 Sophie by Emma Pearse was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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