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#844 The Mystery at the Alamo created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Mystery at the Alamo created by Gertrude Chandler WarnerThe Mystery at the Alamo created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Aldens are going to Texas, because Grandfather is made of money. They’re going to see the Alamo and learn its history. They soon make friends with someone who works at the Alamo and a film crew filming a movie about the Alamo at the Alamo. One of the actresses is a nice young woman, but it seems her days are always being booby-trapped. The hot rollers went off. There was a mouse in her dressing room. The steps were broken. It was just one thing after another. Her understudy seems awfully suspicious, but what about the other actor who insists that she’s not a real actor?

On top of all of that, there’s an artifact from the Alamo being used in the movie and it goes missing, of course. Can the Alden children figure out what all is going on, in addition to being child extras in a movie?

What I liked

It’s nice that a bit of history was included in this book. It would have been funnier had they met Hank Hill.

What I didn’t like

Look here, the Aldens are awfully privileged kids. Not only does their grandfather have tons of money, apparently, which enables them to go all kinds of places, but Grandfather also encourages the children, by allowing them to solve mysteries and do things like be in movies. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a “I’m kind of envious” thing. My mom was never like, “Oh, you like this thing, so let’s go get you lessons, or let’s go do this activity.” Nope. Each child is not a special little snowflake, but shouldn’t children be encouraged to pursue talents and interests? I wasn’t raised in an environment that fostered my creative and intellectual growth; the Aldens are.


Remember the Alamo.

Weigh In

Were you encouraged as a child to pursue interests and talents?

If you were not encouraged, do you think your life would be better had you been encouraged?

#844 The Mystery at the Alamo created by Gertrude Chandler Warner was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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