Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult

#869 The Abduction by Gordon Korman

 The Abduction by Gordon Korman The Abduction by Gordon Korman

The Falconer family has been through heck. The parents were arrested and imprisoned, which made life difficult for their two children, Aiden and Meg. One day, a van shows up and snatches Meg. Aiden tries his best, but he cannot catch them. The police and FBI are soon involved.

There’s a demand for ransom and Meg is trying to escape on her own. It’s up to Meg, Aiden, and the FBI to get out of this situation.

What I Liked

I liked that Aiden was so dedicated to his sister.

What I didn’t like

There’s a story here, but I’m not sure what it is. I feel like I’m missing a whole lot. I know there are books after this one in the series, but I feel like there should be books before it. I hope there are because I’m confused.

Also, kidnapping is not cool.


A girl got kidnapped for some reason.

Weigh in

What would you do if your sibling was kidnapped?

If a member of your family was wrongfully imprisoned, what do you imagine the charges would be?

#869 The Abduction by Gordon Korman was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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