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#877 Nothing O’Clock by Neil Gaiman

Nothing O'Clock by Neil GaimanNothing O’Clock by Neil Gaiman

The Doctor and Amy Pond have been off on an adventure in the TARDIS and are coming back to England, but something is strange. There are no people. Where did everyone go? Amy hears a strange message. They’ve all died out. This sends Amy and the Doctor on a trip back in time to figure out why.

Back in 1984 a strange person in an animal mask showed up and offered a man way more money than his house was worth. The man and his family move into a hotel. It turns out everyone has been offered lots of money.

Amy and the Doctor figure out what they’re up against. They must not answer the question, “What time is it?”

What I liked

This was delightfully weird and fun. I love Doctor Who and Neil Gaiman, so this book combined two really great things.

Time travel stories are fascinating. Knowing that your life could be completely different if some obscure past event was changed is both fascinating and terrifying, one wrong thing and you wouldn’t exist.

The idea that someone could just buy up the Earth is also fascinating. Could it ever be possible?

What I didn’t like

This is a bit scary. Just think about humanity essentially going extinct because someone bought their land and moved them where the land could not support many people.


What time is it?

Weigh in

What do you think about someone buying up b the Earth?

Would you travel in time if you could?

#877 Nothing O’Clock by Neil Gaiman was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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