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#879 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Curious Case of Benjamin vButton by F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Mr. Button had expected a regular baby, but when he arrived at the hospital, he found an old man instead. Everyone assured him that the old man was in fact his child. They were more than ready for him to take his child and leave. No one had ever heard of such a thing and they were all personally offended by the birth of Benjamin Button.

No one asked about the logic of the situation or biological possibility of such a thing. Benjamin was taken home, where he whined about the state of the world, smoked cigars, and generally spent his time with his grandfather lamenting about the state of the world like the two grumpy old Muppets on The Muppets Show.

As Benjamin grew, it appeared he was getting younger. When he was near twenty, he got married to a woman of the same age, though they didn’t look the same age. They had a son, who aged normally. Benjamin went to college and joined the military. The older he got in years, the younger he continued to look.

He got younger as his life got older. He had the experience of life, with the body of a young man, then a boy. When he was old and when he was young, both periods seemed to make him disregarded by society.

What I liked

This is an interesting thought question isn’t it? What if you lived your life in reverse, age wise? How would people treat you?

As Benjamin found out, he garnered almost the same lack of respect as a child and as an old man; it doesn’t matter that he did it backwards. People still disregarded him. This story proves that only the prime of life seems to be taken seriously. This is an interesting observation about how we treat people.

We think children don’t have enough experience to have worthwhile opinions and we often think the experience the elderly has is too out-of-date to be relevant.

What I didn’t like

This was sad. I feel as if Benjamin watched the whole world flow by without being able to participate normally.

I feel that Benjamin’s distaste for his wife when she gets older is awful. Everyone​ ages. You’re not allowed to get tired of your spouse just because they got some grey hair and wrinkles.


I thought this was an interesting story with interesting thoughts about how we treat people at different ages.

Weigh in

Do you feel you weren’t taken seriously as a child?

Do you feel like the elderly people in your life aren’t taken seriously?

#879 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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