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#882 The Premonition by Chris Bohjalian

The Premonition by Chris BohjalianThe Premonition by Chris Bohjalian

Lianna feels she saw the moment the lightning struck; she saw it before it happened. The lightning killed two horses instead of Lianna’s mother, but her mother has other problems. Her mother sleepwalks at night.

Lianna and her younger sister meet a strange little by obsessed with things in the middle ages. It was his horses who were killed in a strange turn of events. The whole family worries about what might happen to their mother as she sleepwalks and the girls develop a kinship with the strange little boy who talked about jousting and  castles.

What I liked

Chris is one of those authors who puts the “woo” in his books and it doesn’t sound strange. Sure, it’s still strange, but it’s not so strange that it’s out of the realm of believability. The idea of a premonition is just a part of the story. No one is being doubtful about it and eliminating the possibility of it happening without even thinking about it. It’s accepted as part of the story with an open mind.

What I didn’t like

This is awfully short. It’s intended to be a prequel, so it’s more a continuation, or rather, a precontinuation, of a story to follow, which I kind of want to read now.


I kind of want to know what happens to the weird little boy.

Weigh In

What do you think about premonitions?

What do you think about books with “woo”?

#882 The Premonition by Chris Bohjalian was originally published on One-elevenbooks


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