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About One-Elevenbooks

One-Elevenbooks was started in 2011 as a personal challenge to read one-hundred and eleven books that year. The first year was a success with 127 books. Every year since then, at least one-hundred and eleven books have been reviewed on One-Elevenbooks.

The project has evolved to include reviews and analyses of fairy tales and traditional stories. So far the entire Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the entire Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales, The Sherlock Holmes stories, and a Native American fairy tale anthology have been reviewed. Many more projects will be coming in the future.

The mission has changed from simply cramming books into a year to experiencing the world through the written word. The project is about exploring culture, what ifs, reactions, and many other things through books and stories.

One-Elevenbooks also seeks to aid new authors in getting the word out about their books.

Read, read, and read some more about the world around you.

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About the Author

Ashe Arterberry, that’s me, is the creator, maintainer, and writer of One-Elevenbooks.

Ashe(because we’re going to go with third person), lives in the South Eastern United States, in North Carolina to be exact, but not more exact than that. She has lived in the South most of her life, except for a three-year stint in Okinawa, Japan.

She lives with her boyfriend, Grizzly Pirate Wynn, a dog, Pug, and two cats, Parsley and Cocoa. Ashe and Grizzly Pirate Wynn go hiking together, they go biking together, and they play a lot of board games; they also binge watch a lot of television shows, but they don’t like to brag about that. Grizzly Pirate Wynn is a reader himself, although, more on the science fiction side of things.

Ashe has been reading for years and years. She used to make her granny read stories to her and sing songs to her out of The Reader’s Digest song books. She had quite a collection of books growing up. She loved school book fairs. She still wishes school book fairs were a thing. She has a rather large collection of books, even after getting rid of a lot of them a couple years ago.

In addition to writing reviews on One-Elevenbooks, she also writes novels. She’s written two-full novels and is trying desperately to finish a third, which she would like other people to read. It’s a good story so far, very intriguing, at least Ashe thinks so.

Ashe thinks all of you are great and she hopes you’ll continue devouring the world through books.

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