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Book Haul: June 2018

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Book Haul: 8 November 2014

Book Haul: 8 November 2014Book Haul:8 November 2014

You know, I’ve been hoping to find a chair at the thrift shop for a while now. Everything I go, I look for a chair. I’ve been wanting a 1960s or 1970s chair to recover and repaint to put in my living room. As of yet, I’ve turned up with nothing. The books will have to suffice. Books are the main reason I go to the thrift shop anyway. As you can see I ended up with four books. There were a lot of strange cookbooks sitting out on a table there, but none of them were very interesting. I’ve lost a lot of interest in cookbooks because I have so many already and I can’t eat wheat, so cookbooks lose a lot of their luster.

What I got

Book Haul: 8 November 2014Under the Big Top by Bruce Feiler

This isn’t just any book, it’s a book about the circus. Strangely enough, I never wanted to run away to the circus. I know people say that’s all kids want to do, but seriously, I never wanted to run away to the circus.

This book isn’t fiction, no, it’s really about the circus, the real circus. This book is more of a documentary about the circus and I like that. It will probably be my non-fiction book for December.

The people who work circuses are a subculture. We have many subcultures in our societies and they’re all interesting to learn about. I’m looking forward to learning some insightful things about the life of people who work circuses.

Book Haul: 8 November 2014Light on Snow by Anita Shreve

I’ve read another of Anita’s books, The Pilot’s Wife. I figured that since I read that book and I didn’t hate it, I could read this book. It’s been several years since I’ve read anything by Anita, so maybe I didn’t like it. I don’t know, I don’t remember.

This book is about a father and a daughter who discover an abandoned baby in the snow. That doesn’t sound like the most promising premise for a book, but Anita probably knows her stuff. Oprah has picked her for the book club after all.



Book Haul: 8 November 2014Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd

This book is a memoir. It’s about a woman who works with young girls who have been forced into being sex workers at a very young age. It’s sad that this world exists, but it does.

Not surprisingly, a lot of these girls come from the foster care system. Being a girl is still a very difficult thing in our world. It seems that no matter a girl’s age there is always going to be someone who wants to sexualize that girl. That’s why these poor children are forced into having sex with strangers when they’re eleven and twelve years old.

I read books like this to learn about the world around me. I’ve been very privileged in many aspects, but others haven’t. I need to know what happens around me, so I can maybe possibly find a small way to lessen these kinds of things in the world. If everyone knew about this kind of thing and everyone thought it was terrible, this kind of thing wouldn’t be going on. I need to be able to speak knowledgeably about things like this.

Book Haul: 8 November 2014Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe

I bought this book because the bright colors drew me in and the blurbs on the front said it was funny. If they’re lying I’m not going to be happy.

Apparently, this book is about Miami, I’ve never been there. I was actually in Boca Raton one time, which is not far from Miami and I wanted to go and see Miami, but my husband didn’t want to go. So I’ve never been to Miami. I know, he’s a humbug. So close, but I never got to go to Miami.

Someday, I’m going to go to Miami and I’m going to see it. Right now, this book is going to have to serve as a substitute.


What I spent: $2.50

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Book Haul

Book Haul: 25 October 2014

Book Haul: 25 October 2014Book Haul: 25 October 2014

It’s been a few weeks since I was able to find anything at the thrift shop, but I did actually find some stuff. At first, I thought I wasn’t going to find anything. The last time I went, I didn’t get anything. I looked over the books and looked over the books and finally found a few things that interested me. Sadly, I left behind French Fry Forgiveness and Why is Snot Green?. I may regret not buying those two books in the future, but I think I ended up with a good lot of books.

This group of books isn’t well-known for the most part, but I have my reasons for buying them.

What I got

Book Haul: 25 October 2014The Gourmet Paper Maker by Ellaraine Lockie

At first, I read the title of this book and I thought it was a bit weird. I don’t make my own paper, but I have made paper in the past. Upon opening this book, I found there were instructions on how to make paper from corn husks, pineapple tops, onion skins, garlic skins, and all kinds of vegetable matter that you usually throw away when you’re processing your fruits and vegetables. I like using as much of something as I can, so this book intrigued me. There is even a section on making paper out of wild mushrooms. I have plenty of those around here, but I don’t know if I would end up making a paper that caused hallucinogenic episodes when eaten, but who eats paper?

This might be a project I try one day when I have some time. It would be neat to know how to make my own paper from something I was going to throw away anyway. This book has pictures and instructions for all steps of the process. So, if you’ve been wondering how to use all those onion skins, this might be a solution to your problem.

Book Haul: 25 October 2014The Book of Someday by  Dianne Dixon

I bought this book partially because the front said, “a mesmerizing book that will keep you up at night,” but that’s not the only reason I bought it. The copy I found also says, “Uncorrected advance copy not for sale.” I actually have several advanced reader’s copies of books. I can’t really resist buying them because it’s kind of bad. It makes me feel as if I’m walking on the wild side just a bit. Oooh, it’s not for resale and I totally bought it.

The book itself is in pristine condition and still contains a letter in the front to the reader, it’s not a hand-written letter, but a letter from the publisher to the prospective reader all typed up and formatted.

This book is about three people whose lives eventually meet up. One of them is named Livvi and her life has been filled with a nightmare. There are also two other women involved in this story that connect with Livvi in some manner. I don’t know what to expect out of this book besides that. I was enticed by its advanced reader’s copy status.

Book Haul: 25 October 2014Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart

I bought this book because it was also an advance reader’s copy. It says, “Not for sale. Advance uncorrected proofs.” Yeah, I know, I’m so wild for buying this.

This book is about a woman named Gilly who is carjacked by a stranger. She is relieved to get away from her hectic life and soon comes to recognize that her captor is a person too.

That’s called Stockholm syndrome, sweetheart.

We’ll see if it’s good or not.



Book Haul: 25 October 2014Buffalo Woman Comes Singing by Brooke Medicine Eagle

This was the first book that caught my eye. This was the book that made me decide to buy books at all on this particular trip to the thrift shop.

I really enjoy reading books about Native American culture and traditions. Brooke is a Crow Indian. This book is part of her journey to where she is now, but it’s also about her work as a teacher of Native American ways.

The book has a lot of information about ceremonies that Brooke participates in. Many of these sound as if they’re targeted to women, which is really neat.

I’m looking forward to reading this book and learning more about Brooke’s culture and traditions.


Book Haul: 25 October 2014The Schooling of Claybird Catts by   Janis Owens

This book really just caught my eye. The name also sounded familiar to me.

This book is about a young boy who has lost his father. He then has to learn to depend more on other members of his family, including an uncle that shows back up after twenty years of being gone.


What I spent: $2.50

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Book Haul: 13 September 2014

Book Haul: 13 September 2014Book Haul: 13 September 2014

Why, yes, I did Britishcize the date, get over it. This way I don’t have to use a comma. Commas are often symbols of breaks in information in the programming and data-processing worlds. If you use a comma, it’s because you’re trying to separate information in a way, which is what we actually use commas for, but programming and computer languages might see a comma as a total break in information rather than just a short break in information. The programming that rules tags in WordPress sees commas as a complete break in information. That means that if one of my tags is a sentence with a comma in it, or a date, I have to take the comma out to keep the idea in tact through WordPress tags.

So, now you know. The next time you plug a bunch of information with a bunch of commas into some kind of data processing or parsing application, just be aware that your information may be spliced in the incorrect manner.

Enough talk about programming, grammar, and robots trying to take over the world…let’s talk about my trip to the thrift shop. On Saturday, I went to the thrift shop; I was also looking for finishing pieces for my Halloween costume, yes, I’m dressing up this year. It will be the first time in many years that I have done so. It’s a group dress-up; it’s going to be great. I ended up with five books at the thrift shop.

What I got:

Book Haul: 13 September 2014Elske by Cynthia Voight

I have never heard of this book. I have been reading Cynthia Voight books since my childhood, but I’ve never heard of this one. I’m not sure what the Girl with the Pearl Earring tie-in is, but I’m willing to find out. Cynthia Voight has written such young people classics as Dicey’s Song and A Solitary Blue.

I do enjoy Cynthia. I think she injects real-life into the world of childhood. This book seems to be something of a fantasy. I don’t think it takes place in the timeline of our world. I think it’s set in some other land, which is interesting to me, because I don’t know of Cynthia ever writing anything fantasy-like, but Cynthia has been writing a long time and I by no means have read everything of hers. I’m looking forward to seeing what Cynthia writes of fantasies.

Book Haul: 13 September 2014A Good House by Richard Manning

I live in a house; you probably live in a house. Each house is a story, some are better than others. My grandfather built this house with his bare hands with timber he felled himself versus a contractor built this house and it looks exactly like all the other houses on the street. This is the story of Richard’s house and how it came to be.

I like houses. I like architecture. I was even accepted into architecture school. I like buildings. I like all the logistics of how a house comes into being and the stories about that house. My uncle and cousin built a house in Southern Arizona a few years back. They built it themselves. It was unlike many of the other houses in the area. One of the things they incorporated into their house was a brick from the largest whorehouse in Arizona, now abandoned(the whorehouse). You can’t say my family isn’t interesting. I tell this story to illustrate the point that each house is a story, not to state that my family is weird.

Richard built his house himself, but he had friends helping him as well. This is the story of the knowledge they brought into his project and also the story of Richard’s life while building the house.

Book Haul: 13 September 2014Dinosaur in a Haystack by Stephen Jay Gould

I just couldn’t pass up a book called Dinosaur in a Haystack. It’s an absurd thing. A dinosaur couldn’t even fit in a haystack. It would have to be a really, really big haystack.

This book is a book of essays about natural history. This book isn’t all about history though. It includes essays about other subjects. I like books like this. I like learning about various aspects of the world in short bursts. It’s so much better than watching some boring three-hour long documentary that must have been written by dead people who were asleep.

Hopefully, Stephen and I are going to get along just fine.

Book Haul: 13 September 2014Being Mrs. Alcott by Nancy Geary

I bought this book because it sounded interesting. I have no idea who Nancy Geary is. I have known people with the last name Geary before, but no Nancys.

Basically, this book is mainly about the wife of a man who decides to upheave his entire family and way of life. Mrs. Alcott, whatever her first name may be, has grown to be unassertive and finds it almost impossible to make her will known.

Will this book be interesting? I hope so. I think part of me bought this book because it says Cape Cod in the description.

Book Haul: 13 September 2014Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman

This is Rita’s story. She leaves her life, after getting divorced and roams practically penniless and without possession around the world. It’s a very Eat, Pray, Love type of book, as far as I can tell. I do really like memoirs. Part of me wonders if this book is riding the coattails of other memoirs about people traveling the world.

I’ll read it anyway. I like learning more about the world. I like seeing the world through other people’s eyes. We all know I’m not seeing much of the world at present; this is really the only way I’m seeing much of anything until I find a way to talk some company into hiring me and paying for me to travel all over. Call me.

What I spent: $1.00

(the five books for a dollar sale was still going on)

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Book Haul

Book Haul: August 16, 2014

Book Haul: August 16, 2014Book Haul: August 16, 2014

Oh, I did the books on August the 16th. The book gods smiled down upon me and I ended up with nine books, but sadly…I’m only going to tell you about three of them. It’s not that the other books aren’t great, it’s just that they’re not really worth mentioning here. My trip to the thrift shop started out as any other, but there was a sign on the door. It said, “All books $.25 or 5 for $1.00.” This was clearly a sign, literally, because it was actually a sign, but it was also a sign from the forces who want me to have books. So I went inside. I ended up with a couple of other things. I ended up with a new head scarf and a plastic box of bobbins including an old lady’s pair of eye glasses, the woman had clearly been blind. Her family must have decided to get rid of her bobbins upon her passing or move elsewhere. So now I have some nice new-to-me metal bobbins, those are the best kind.

The reason I’m not going to expound upon these other books I purchased is because they’re just calligraphy and design books. Somebody has apparently gotten rid of their stockpile of calligraphy books and I snatched them up. Believe it or not, I have actually done some calligraphy. I do a lot of artwork with ink and have also done lettering in the past. So these books will be valuable resources to me whenever I want to pick up my ink and pens and play around. That’s why I’m not going into any great detail about these books.

Now for the other three books.

What I got

Book Haul: August 16, 2014The Smithsonian Institution by Gene Gurney

Sadly, there aren’t very many good pictures of this book, but we’ll work with what we have. Thank you anonymous E-bay user. This book is something of a history of the Smithsonian Institution, which is a very large museum if you didn’t know. I have been to a portion of the Smithsonian, it’s been quite a few years since I’ve been there. I would love to go back and see more of it. Mainly the Smithsonian is in Washington D.C. and is built around a large grassy area with large trees in the middle. The buildings are big and beautiful. There is a castle and there are Calder sculptures in the garden. If you ever get the chance, go.

This book is a short history of the institution. There are wonderful pictures in this book which is a big reason I bought it. The pictures are in black and white, but that’s ok, they’re actually higher quality black and white images which is surprising for this type of book.

This book apparently belonged to Walton J. Vandiver in March of 1965. So Walton if you’re still around, I have your book. This book was published in 1964 and is in great condition, so Walton apparently didn’t do a lot of heavy reading in this book. It was probably a gift from somebody else and Walton probably thought it was stupid. I doubt Walton ever actually read this book. I’m going to read it though even if Walton didn’t.

Book Haul: August 16, 2014Henry VIII: The King and His Court by Alison Weir

I hate Henry VIII.  I just hate him. There are a few historical figures that I would smack in the face if I had chance to meet them, Hitler, H.H. Holmes, and Henry VIII. For some reason that short list I just thought of all started with the letter H, maybe we should look into this. Even though I hate Henry, I’ve read a lot about him and that’s probably why I hate him so much, but his reign was a historically significant point in European history. So I guess you have to take him with a grain of salt. I have also read other books by Alison Weir and I enjoy her even though I keep trying to type her name as “Alison Weird.” I guess the idea of something being weird is too deeply engrained in me. At some point in time, I will read this book and I will know more things about Henry VIII that will probably want to make me hate him even more. Couldn’t this loser have been satisfied with one woman? You know Henry, some people may call you a player and act like it’s a good thing, but those people are from another time and apparently think it’s ok to mess with women like that.

Book Haul: August 16, 2014Chew on This by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson

This book is all about the weird stuff that goes on in the world of fast food. I like reading books about food. I do like food, but I also like to know what’s in my food. I’m one of those people who like to shop at grocery stores with snooty classical music because generally their foods are cleaner and contain less preservatives. That isn’t always the case, but often times it is. Good forbid I find something natural or organic at Wal-mart.

I try to eat fairly clean. I like to learn more about the substances that go into our food. I have a pretty good knowledge of how the food system in the United States works, but it’s always good to learn more. I don’t eat a lot of fast food anymore, I’m still a sucker for Wendy’s fries though. McDonald’s…eh…Wendy’s…yes! Who knows, they’re probably exactly the same thing. It’s books like these that have helped me to understand the food system in the United States and what exactly is going into my body when I do buy certain food products.

What I spent: $2.00

Explanation of the price. I got five books for a dollar, but then I got four books for $.25 each because I didn’t want to go back and look for another book.
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Book Haul

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the second

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the secondBook Haul: July 5, 2014-the second

Alright, this is my second part of my July 5th book haul. I’ll recap. I went to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore to browse and they were having a sale. Everything was 10% off. Paperback books are $.50 a piece there. I figured that if I bought ten books that would cover my minimum credit card purchase amount, but then I remembered the sale, so I had to buy another book to account for the $.05 off each book was going to be due to the sale, but then I forgot about the $.05 discount on the eleventh book. So my total ended up being $4.95 and when that happened I didn’t want to go back for another book, so I just donated an extra $.05 cents to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

What I got

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the secondThe Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

This is a non-fiction book. I thought it would be a good book to read for one of my non-fiction books this year. This is a book about the idea of a tipping point. The phrase basically means one action that changes actions from that point forward. If you think about it, we have lots of moments like that, but we may not realize how important those moments will become to our lives later on.

I’m not really sure how far of a scope Malcolm is going to discuss in this book, but the general idea is that small moments can mean big things. There is a quote the LDS community likes to use, “By small and simple things, great things shall come to pass.” I think that’s kind of what this book is about.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the secondThe Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl by Shauna Reid

This is a memoir; I like memoirs. This is a memoir by a woman who lost a lot of weight. I’ve read a few memoirs by women who have managed to lose a large amount of weight. For people who have never been overweight, there is no way to even imagine what it’s like to be overweight without consciously and non-judgmentally reading or listening to someone who is in that position. That’s really difficult for a lot of people to do, but I do think books like this help, even if only a little bit. Reading about the struggles of someone going through such a life-changing journey can make us a little more empathetic to their plight in life.


Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the secondThe Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz

There is a movie based on this book and we actually own it at my house, but I haven’t watched it. This is a true story. A memoir, of course. I don’t know a ton about the plot of the book. I know people are trying to escape from somewhere and this is the story about what happened to them.

I’ve mentioned before that I do like survival stories. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m such a fan of dystopian stories, but who knows. I think I’ll enjoy learning about the experience had by the participants of this story and then I’ll watch the movie and see how it compares.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the secondA million Little Pieces by James Frey

This book was originally sold as a memoir. It was supposed to be about James who went to rehab and his journey. After a while, the book was realized not to be an entire truth. There were events in the book that never happened. The book was eventually sold as semi-fictional. All of this stuff didn’t happen to James. Some of it probably still did, but not all of it.

I think the book is still going to be interesting even if it’s not all entirely true. Who doesn’t like a little scandal anyway? Scandals can be good for business because they’re so interesting. There is probably something psychological to be said for why James made stuff up, but in the end he probably made a more interesting story than it would have been otherwise.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the secondAbsurdistan by Gary Shteyngart

Honestly, I bought this book because of the title. It’s a great title. I mean, how often do you get to call something Absurdistan or even say that word? It’s not even really a word. It’s not even a real place, but this book is about that place.

It’s a satire. That’s why it can be about a not real place. This not-real place has many characteristics of real places and many of their problems, but that’s the beauty about satire. You can write about a real place and it sounds legit, but you call it by another name. You make something sound ‘for real’ instead of being a load of crap, but you know the real thing is really a load of crap, but no one wants to admit it. That’s what satire is about.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the secondPregnant Pause by Han Nolan

This book is about a teenager girl who finds herself pregnant. I bought this book because I’ve read a few books of this type, but also because I secretly like to watch 16 and Pregnant. Every once in a while I’ll get a hankering for the stupidity and depravity that comes from teenagers becoming parents. It’s a train wreck, always is.

It makes me glad I was responsible as a teenager, even if I do kind of regret not being a little more wild.



What I Spent: $2.70 + $.05 donation


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Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the first

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstBook Haul: July 5, 2014-the first

As you can already tell, this book haul post is going to be in two parts. It’s not because I went to two different stores; it’s because I bought so many books at once store that there was really no feasible way I could have fit them all in for one picture at a time. So you’re getting two book haul posts.

I ended up with eleven books total. The place I went has paperback books for $.50 a piece, but they were having a %10 off sale. Their minimum card purchase amount was $5.00. I calculated that if I got eleven books that should amount to five dollars, but I was wrong. Eleven books at $.50 a piece with a %10 discount actually comes out to be $4.95, so I ended up donating an extra $.05 to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore that I was shopping at. At that point I would have rather paid extra than have gone back to the stacks to look for another book, plus I think it apt that I’m one-elevenbooks and I bought eleven books. It just fits.

What I got

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstThe Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

This is a big book, but it’s a big story. There was a mini-series based on this book created some years back. I’ve seen it a few times. While I am generally not a fan of Arthurian legend or all the many stories, movies, and books surrounding it, I did actually like this version. It was a little grittier than some of the other stories I have seen Arthur depicted in. It’s more woman-centric, well at least the movie was. I really hope the book maintains that same woman-centric style. You always have to wonder what history would be like had it been written by women instead. I’ll probably read this book when things have slowed way down for the year.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstFlight of Passage by Rinker Buck

I bought this book because it sounded interesting. It’s a memoir actually and you guys know how much I like memoirs. This book is about two young men, the youngest in fact, to fly across the United States in a small plane.

It’s one of those journey memoirs, which are great, but it’s also a coming of age memoir. These young men would never be the same after their journey as they would before it began. I hated growing up, but I do like stories about people who come into their own as they grow and experience life. Seeing a person become who they are for real always makes a great story.


Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstSaving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan

I have read this book before, but I do not own a copy. At one point I did own a copy, but it was when I lived in Okinawa. I tried, really hard, seriously, I tried, to keep my book collection down a minimum while I lived in Okinawa because books are heavy to ship. Each family is allowed a weight limit coming and going. If you are over the weight limit you have to pay for the overage. I didn’t want to pay. I still ended up with probably twenty boxes of books, on the conservative estimate.

I really like Amy Tan. I’ve said it before. She can blend the paranormal in with everyday life and make it sound plausible. I read her books and think to myself, “Oh yeah, that could totally happen.” It just sounds like it makes so much sense.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstGirl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland

The Girl in Hyacinth Blue is a painting. I like paintings. I like to paint. I like art history. I like historical fiction about art history and historical art figures. So of course I’m going to buy this book. I honestly don’t know a lot of the story line for this book. I’m going into it fairly blind, but I think I’ll like it because I like all the things it supposedly sounds like.

You have to remember that a lot goes into making artwork. I know all of you who have never been artists won’t really understand. It’s hard to comprehend putting so much into something when you’re just not that type of personality. These artists have put a lot of themselves, a lot of effort, a lot of their time, and a lot of their life, in general, into each work of art they create. Stories surrounding, or supposedly surrounding, and great work of art are going to be very interesting. There is going to be a lot going on. Think about it, the things in your life affect how you work. The struggles at home affect your professional life. In the end your daily struggles are going to be in your artwork somewhere. That piece of artwork is going to embody what you were going through at the time. It’s a lot to think about.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstDivine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells

I don’t really know why I bought this book this time, as opposed to other times I mean. I’ve seen this book in my thrift shop visits before, but I never bought it. This time I did. Maybe it was because I was trying to hit $5.00 I’ve seen the movie and it is a good movie, well, I think it’s good. The book is always better. So it stands to reason that the book is pretty good.

I already know this is a story about a woman who has some issues with her parents, the mother specifically. There were hard times in her life. There were hard times in her mother’s life. I think it’s neat to look at the struggles an older generation had that shape the struggles of a younger generation.

What I spent: $2.25

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