The Giants and the Herd Boy-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Giants and the Herd Boy-The Yellow Fairy Book

There was once a herd boy or a shepherd as some might call it, out watching his animals. He came upon a giant. The shepherd was originally going to run away in fear but the giant said that he would not hurt the boy. The giant needed the boy’s help for an injury he had sustained. The boy helped the giant and the giant invited him for dinner.

The young man ate his fill at the dinner party and took home a loaf of bread. He tried to cut the loaf when he got home, but could not. He found he could bite it, but a piece of gold fell out of his mouth while the bread looked the same. The bread never diminished and the young man had as much gold as he could chew.

He decided that he would like to marry the daughter of the man he worked for. The man was more than happy to allow this to happen once he realized how much money the shepherd had.

What I liked

I liked that this young man was rewarded for his good deed. We shouldn’t go around expecting the be rewarded for being decent human beings, but it’s certainly nice if every once in a while something good happens to you because you were trying to be helpful.

What I didn’t like

While I’m glad the young man got to marry who he wanted, I’m not overly enthused about him having to be stinking rich before it could happen. Having a little money and being responsible doesn’t hurt when one is looking for a spouse, but it shouldn’t be the sole determiner in who someone marries.


Be nice to people.

Weigh In

Would you help a giant, or would you be too scared?

What if the giant was like the giants on Attack on Titan? Would you still try to help it?

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