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Book Haul: Mr. K’s

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Book Haul: 8 November 2014

Book Haul: 8 November 2014Book Haul:8 November 2014

You know, I’ve been hoping to find a chair at the thrift shop for a while now. Everything I go, I look for a chair. I’ve been wanting a 1960s or 1970s chair to recover and repaint to put in my living room. As of yet, I’ve turned up with nothing. The books will have to suffice. Books are the main reason I go to the thrift shop anyway. As you can see I ended up with four books. There were a lot of strange cookbooks sitting out on a table there, but none of them were very interesting. I’ve lost a lot of interest in cookbooks because I have so many already and I can’t eat wheat, so cookbooks lose a lot of their luster.

What I got

Book Haul: 8 November 2014Under the Big Top by Bruce Feiler

This isn’t just any book, it’s a book about the circus. Strangely enough, I never wanted to run away to the circus. I know people say that’s all kids want to do, but seriously, I never wanted to run away to the circus.

This book isn’t fiction, no, it’s really about the circus, the real circus. This book is more of a documentary about the circus and I like that. It will probably be my non-fiction book for December.

The people who work circuses are a subculture. We have many subcultures in our societies and they’re all interesting to learn about. I’m looking forward to learning some insightful things about the life of people who work circuses.

Book Haul: 8 November 2014Light on Snow by Anita Shreve

I’ve read another of Anita’s books, The Pilot’s Wife. I figured that since I read that book and I didn’t hate it, I could read this book. It’s been several years since I’ve read anything by Anita, so maybe I didn’t like it. I don’t know, I don’t remember.

This book is about a father and a daughter who discover an abandoned baby in the snow. That doesn’t sound like the most promising premise for a book, but Anita probably knows her stuff. Oprah has picked her for the book club after all.



Book Haul: 8 November 2014Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd

This book is a memoir. It’s about a woman who works with young girls who have been forced into being sex workers at a very young age. It’s sad that this world exists, but it does.

Not surprisingly, a lot of these girls come from the foster care system. Being a girl is still a very difficult thing in our world. It seems that no matter a girl’s age there is always going to be someone who wants to sexualize that girl. That’s why these poor children are forced into having sex with strangers when they’re eleven and twelve years old.

I read books like this to learn about the world around me. I’ve been very privileged in many aspects, but others haven’t. I need to know what happens around me, so I can maybe possibly find a small way to lessen these kinds of things in the world. If everyone knew about this kind of thing and everyone thought it was terrible, this kind of thing wouldn’t be going on. I need to be able to speak knowledgeably about things like this.

Book Haul: 8 November 2014Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe

I bought this book because the bright colors drew me in and the blurbs on the front said it was funny. If they’re lying I’m not going to be happy.

Apparently, this book is about Miami, I’ve never been there. I was actually in Boca Raton one time, which is not far from Miami and I wanted to go and see Miami, but my husband didn’t want to go. So I’ve never been to Miami. I know, he’s a humbug. So close, but I never got to go to Miami.

Someday, I’m going to go to Miami and I’m going to see it. Right now, this book is going to have to serve as a substitute.


What I spent: $2.50

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Book Haul

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the first

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstBook Haul: July 5, 2014-the first

As you can already tell, this book haul post is going to be in two parts. It’s not because I went to two different stores; it’s because I bought so many books at once store that there was really no feasible way I could have fit them all in for one picture at a time. So you’re getting two book haul posts.

I ended up with eleven books total. The place I went has paperback books for $.50 a piece, but they were having a %10 off sale. Their minimum card purchase amount was $5.00. I calculated that if I got eleven books that should amount to five dollars, but I was wrong. Eleven books at $.50 a piece with a %10 discount actually comes out to be $4.95, so I ended up donating an extra $.05 to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore that I was shopping at. At that point I would have rather paid extra than have gone back to the stacks to look for another book, plus I think it apt that I’m one-elevenbooks and I bought eleven books. It just fits.

What I got

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstThe Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

This is a big book, but it’s a big story. There was a mini-series based on this book created some years back. I’ve seen it a few times. While I am generally not a fan of Arthurian legend or all the many stories, movies, and books surrounding it, I did actually like this version. It was a little grittier than some of the other stories I have seen Arthur depicted in. It’s more woman-centric, well at least the movie was. I really hope the book maintains that same woman-centric style. You always have to wonder what history would be like had it been written by women instead. I’ll probably read this book when things have slowed way down for the year.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstFlight of Passage by Rinker Buck

I bought this book because it sounded interesting. It’s a memoir actually and you guys know how much I like memoirs. This book is about two young men, the youngest in fact, to fly across the United States in a small plane.

It’s one of those journey memoirs, which are great, but it’s also a coming of age memoir. These young men would never be the same after their journey as they would before it began. I hated growing up, but I do like stories about people who come into their own as they grow and experience life. Seeing a person become who they are for real always makes a great story.


Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstSaving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan

I have read this book before, but I do not own a copy. At one point I did own a copy, but it was when I lived in Okinawa. I tried, really hard, seriously, I tried, to keep my book collection down a minimum while I lived in Okinawa because books are heavy to ship. Each family is allowed a weight limit coming and going. If you are over the weight limit you have to pay for the overage. I didn’t want to pay. I still ended up with probably twenty boxes of books, on the conservative estimate.

I really like Amy Tan. I’ve said it before. She can blend the paranormal in with everyday life and make it sound plausible. I read her books and think to myself, “Oh yeah, that could totally happen.” It just sounds like it makes so much sense.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstGirl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland

The Girl in Hyacinth Blue is a painting. I like paintings. I like to paint. I like art history. I like historical fiction about art history and historical art figures. So of course I’m going to buy this book. I honestly don’t know a lot of the story line for this book. I’m going into it fairly blind, but I think I’ll like it because I like all the things it supposedly sounds like.

You have to remember that a lot goes into making artwork. I know all of you who have never been artists won’t really understand. It’s hard to comprehend putting so much into something when you’re just not that type of personality. These artists have put a lot of themselves, a lot of effort, a lot of their time, and a lot of their life, in general, into each work of art they create. Stories surrounding, or supposedly surrounding, and great work of art are going to be very interesting. There is going to be a lot going on. Think about it, the things in your life affect how you work. The struggles at home affect your professional life. In the end your daily struggles are going to be in your artwork somewhere. That piece of artwork is going to embody what you were going through at the time. It’s a lot to think about.

Book Haul: July 5, 2014-the firstDivine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells

I don’t really know why I bought this book this time, as opposed to other times I mean. I’ve seen this book in my thrift shop visits before, but I never bought it. This time I did. Maybe it was because I was trying to hit $5.00 I’ve seen the movie and it is a good movie, well, I think it’s good. The book is always better. So it stands to reason that the book is pretty good.

I already know this is a story about a woman who has some issues with her parents, the mother specifically. There were hard times in her life. There were hard times in her mother’s life. I think it’s neat to look at the struggles an older generation had that shape the struggles of a younger generation.

What I spent: $2.25

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Book Haul

Book Haul: June 7, 2014

Book Haul: June 7, 2014Book Haul: June 7, 2014

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, but I never quite got around to taking the picture until today. I know the books look crooked, the camera was sitting on a flat surface, but unfortunately, The Gatekeeper is a bit out of square and isn’t exactly straight. I have to adjust for the tilt of The Gatekeeper if I want my pictures to look straight. As you notice The Keymaster is just dealing with the whole thing.

What I got:

Book Haul: June 7, 2014Laurel Lee’s Journal by Laurel Lee

This book is a journal and it’s written by a woman named Laurel Lee. This book covers a time period in which Laurel finds out she is pregnant, but also finds out that she has Hodgkin’s disease. This book is actually two of Laurel’s journals. The first journal has to deal with Laurel’s pregnancy and her treatment. The second journal has to do with her life after the disease and how it affected every single part of her being and lifestyle.

I really like to read memoirs and this memoir sounded especially insightful. I haven’t read it yet, but I guess it might make a person question themselves. If I was diagnosed with cancer and happened to be pregnant how would things go? Would I abort the baby and take serious treatment? Would I wait until the baby was born? I actually have a cousin who had to be treated for  thyroid cancer almost right after she had her baby. So the situation is a little close to home. I don’t think it holds the same magnitude as Laurel’s case because we’re talking about two entirely different forms of cancer. I really want to see how Laurel handled the whole thing and gain some insights into a very difficult situation.

Book Haul: June 7, 2014True Notebooks by Mark Salzman

This is another memoir. This book is about a man who teaches a writing class at a juvenile detention center. I’ve never been in a juvenile detention center, I know you wouldn’t have guessed that since I’m so hard-core, but it’s true. I really haven’t been in one.

Because I grew up in a somewhat wild part of Georgia, I have known a few people who went to juvenile detention centers. For the most part, nobody had really done anything that bad. Of course lives change after an experience like that. Most recently I read The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer and he speaks of his stay in Juvenile hall. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, but it did make him want to reach for other things in life. That doesn’t happen with everybody. Sometimes people go into the Juvenile correctional system and they just keep going right in until they end up in adult prison. I would like to know a bit more about the life inside of a juvenile detention center and develop a more rounded view of lives before and after.

Don Walker, I have your book.

Book Haul: June 7, 2014Miracle in the Andes by Nando Parrado

It’s another memoir…who would have guessed it? It was just memoir day at the thrift shop.

Nando is a real guy. He is from Uruguay. I’ve known one person from Uruguay in my life before. She was quite an interesting person to know. Nando has a pretty good life these days, but years ago, something terrible happened to him. He was on a plane with his rugby team and the plan crashed, in the Andes of all places. Nando had to decide whether to die or to fight. He not only got up off the ground, but was able to help other survivors find rescue.

I think I’ve already mentioned that I kind of like some of these survival shows and I like knowing how these people get out the situations they are in and what makes them keep going.

What I Spent: $1.50

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Book Haul

Book Haul: May 31, 2014

Book Haul: May 31, 2014Book Haul: May 31, 2014

I made it to the thrift shop. There wasn’t a lot there as far as books. I did end up with two new head scarves though. I did find a few things that interested me in the books. I had a headache so looking was a little hard on me. I probably could have found more had I been able to focus better. It was one of those random headaches you acquire while sleeping and I’m not really sure why I woke up with a headache. I know you’re thinking booze, but I don’t do booze, so that wasn’t the reason. I don’t have a hangover, but if I did, I would be the most determined book collector in the world. I don’t think going to the thrift shop to buy books to read is something people with hangovers regularly participate in.

What I got

Book Haul: May 31, 2014Word Myths by David Wilton

I saw this book and first thought the title was “World Myths,” and I was like, “I like world myths,” but I looked closer and saw that the title was Word Myths. I like words. I like myths. I like the Mythbusters. What other way to combine my loves for words and myths than in a book, because I also like books, in case you didn’t notice.

This book is about words. We have stories about where some words come from. We’re like, “Oh that word was invented when Santa Claus stubbed his big toe and he didn’t want to say F*** in front of the elves.” That story probably isn’t true, firstly because Santa Claus is a piece of folklore, and secondly, because Santa Claus would never say F***.  This book is about debunking a few of those word myths we have circulating around. You’ll notice the cover is about how Eskimos, or Inuits for those of us who are politically correct, have about a billion words for snow. I’m guessing David is going to debunk that one in this book.

Book Haul: May 31, 2014My Ántonia by Willa Cather

I’ve read some Willa Cather before, but it’s been a long time and probably since I took one of my literature classes in college. This book sounds interesting. It’s about a woman who lives in Nebraska.

The plains were a very difficult place for people to settle. Huge land grants were given to settlers when the area was first opened up to white people. I’m just going to go ahead and be clear about that because previously the area was hunting and living grounds for nomadic Native American tribes. They were adapted to living in the area, but the white settlers were not. Neighbors were few and far between. The ground was very difficult to till because Prairie grass roots run deep. Fires were a common occurrence. Settlers were attacked by some Natives. Wells had to be deep. Letters were scarce. It was a rough life, not to mention all the tornadoes. So I think this book will be an interesting look into that life.

Book Haul: May 31, 2014Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

I’ve never read anything written by Ken Follett. I’ve thought about it, but I never took the plunge, primarily because his books are gigantic like a LOTR trilogy. I like gigantic books just as much as the next person, you guys know that, but gigantic books can be off-putting and intimidating. If Ken isn’t a good writer, a gigantic book is going to be awfully hard to get through. I’m hoping Ken is good, I mean other people think he’s pretty good, so he must have some merit. His books wouldn’t still be selling if he sucked.

From the context of this book, I gather it’s a historical fiction novel. Some historical fiction is really good. Maybe the real-life people didn’t say what they did in this book, but you still learned a lot about history. So hopefully, Ken knows his stuff and he’s interesting to read.

What I spent: $1.50

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Book Haul

Book Haul: December 30, 2013

Book Haul: December 30, 2013Book Haul December 30, 2013

This isn’t one of my usual book hauls. It’s a Barnes & Noble book haul. I know it doesn’t have the same flair to it, but I am adding to my book collection. The books I purchased from Barnes & Noble, I hope, will help me when researching story elements. In fact, both of these books have the word “element” in the title. So let’s assume that’s a good omen and these two books will be very useful to me in the future.

What I Got

Book Haul: December 30, 2013The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols by Adele Nozedar

I bought this book because there had been a symbology book at Barnes & Noble that I had been eying up for several weeks, but I waited too long to grab it and it was gone.  Each time I’ve gone to Barnes & Noble ever since I have looked in the Bargain Books for another book of symbology. The reason I wanted a book of symbology was because I have been dissecting the Grimm’s fairy tales. I come across unfamiliar elements in stories and I would like to know what that symbol means. That’s where a book like this comes in handy.

The great thing about this book is that there are drawings of the symbols. So I can see visually what a symbol would look like and then read the description of the symbol. The book is divided into different sections. Each section is a type of symbology, which is great, it will make it a little easier to find out what I need to find out.

Book Haul: December 30, 2013The Element Encyclopedia of Native Americans by Adele Nozedar

This book also has a ton of symbols and their meanings in it. That’s what I like. Since I’ve become more interested in things Native American over time, I want to know what more of the legends and stories mean. This book is divided into A-Z sections. There are also sections detailing specific tribal symbols. I believe this book is also going to help me when I am analyzing stories. I’m looking forward to diving into this book and learning more about Native American legends and symbols.



What I spent: $19.98

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