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#74 A Stingray Bit my Nipple: True Stories from Real Travelers by Erik Torkells and the Readers of Budget Travel


Just imagine, you’re on vacation, when something unexpected happens……you get bit by a stingray on the nipple. I will level with you, I had to read this after reading the title. Where in the world, besides here, are you going to find the words ‘stingray’ and ‘nipple’ in the same sentence? Nowhere! When two completely unrelated items are in a title of book you know it’s going to be comical and this definitely was.

This books holds a collection of short paragraphs sent in by readers of Budget Travel. Each story is quite entertaining. There are quite a few stories about incidents with animals, including the one about the stingray.

There are also hilarious stories about tour guides and waiters on cruise liners. Wear a black dress to dinner on one cruise line, no matter your sex, and get plenty of attention from the waiter.

Also contained in this collection are stories about interesting and embarrassing cultural experiences. Bidet stories abound.

What I liked: It’s short and easy to read. There are also pictures, which add quite a bit to the stories. This book is currently free on Amazon for Kindle, so snap it up for some light reading. You could actually read the entire book in one sitting if you chose to do so.

The stories were comical and heart-warming at the same time. One of my favorites is about ordering a side dish called something like “we tell you you’re beautiful all night long” and it’s not actually food. The waiters just tell you that you are beautiful the entire time you are there, which is just awesome.

¬†What I didn’t like: I think there could have been more stories. There were quite a few and I really liked them, but there could have been more. They could have also been arranged into categories, for example, animals, culture, transportation, etc..

The formatting wasn’t the greatest for the Kindle. Pictures were on separate screens than stories and screen space was wasted after the ends of the stories. Who ever decided to release this on Kindle, needs to go back and format it correctly for the Kindle so it doesn’t look so bad when you’re clicking through it.

Overall impression is, it’s funny and it’s short. A good item to have to pick your mood up.