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#683 The Wicked Will Rise

 The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

Amy Gumm has failed to kill Dorothy, but she did get the Tinman’s heart. The strange object still beats and ticks without being inside of a body. The Emerald City is on fire and Amy has no idea where the rest of the order is. She is whisked to relative safety by Ollie the wingless monkey and his sister Maude, also Ozma is there as well, but Ozma is a full bolts short of a toolbox.

The relative safety doesn’t last long. Amy once again faces up with the Cowardly Lion, and this time, things fare better than the last time. Amy is taken to the queendom of the wingless ones, high in the trees. The queen’s name is Lulu. She doesn’t want to see Ozma at all and she also puts Mombi on trial when she shows up. Amy is told, by Mombi, to go and find Polychrome, perhaps Polychrome could help.

Amy and Ozma go out into the world looking for a way to Polychrome’s glass castle in the sky. They end up going through quite a few obstacles and then ending up on the Island of Lost Things. Ozma and Amy find many things there that had been lost, including Nox. They also find someone else, he says his name is Bright. Yes, it’s none-other than Button Bright, who has never been all that bright, but he’s grown up now, and handsome. He smokes rainbow cigarettes. I imagine he looks like Garret Hedlund. Bright, can find the way to Polychrome’s castle, which he does, and takes Nox, Amy, and Ozma along.

Amy soon learns the truth about Pete and Ozma, and also Tip. A fearsome battle ensues involving some of our favorite people. Amy is once again, more determined than ever to kill Dorothy, which she sets out to do, only to find that the bad guys aren’t quite as bad as she expected and that some people, who seemed like good guys, really aren’t. Amy must remember that evil could overtake her, just as it overtook Dorothy. Amy ultimately asks the question, “Are Oz and Kansas really all that different?”

What I liked

This one was better than the first one, I thought. I read this first book in this series Dorothy Must Die. It was entertaining. It was imaginative. It was philosophical. What the first book had, this book has more of. This one is even grittier than the first book. It’s full of death, hard feelings to familiar relations, and hard questions about right and wrong. It’s full of facing the doubt that is within yourself. Sometimes, you, yourself, can be your worst enemy.

I liked that some of the beloved Oz characters show back up in this book. Polychrome and Button Bright are not commonly talked of Oz characters. I think it’s great how they seemed to grow up and want grownup things.

What I didn’t like

I rather enjoyed this book and I don’t have a lot to say that’s negative about it.


I think more people than Dorothy need to die.

Weigh In

Do we sometimes let ourselves hold ourselves back, even when no one else is?

If you had to go through a fog of doubt that revealed all the doubts you had about yourself in a short period of time, could you make it through?