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#675 Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents by MJ Ware

 Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents by MJ Ware Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents by MJ Ware

Austin Winters has just arrived in England where his father works at the embassy. There isn’t a lot to do at the embassy, but an owl drops a strange letter for him there. He is accepted into the Hogworts School of Mysteries and Magic. His father wants to send him to an expensive boarding school, but Austin suggest Hogworts, so off he goes. He doesn’t have any of the supplies and the whole thing is kind of weird.

He gets to school and he’s sorted into the Slipperin House. There is some surprise there, because Austin is considered a Muddle, a non-magical person, but he’s in Slipperin anyway. At first, Austin doesn’t think he has the knack for magic, but with the tutoring of Hermione Danger, he starts to get along pretty well. He even doesn’t do so badly in Smape’s potions class.

Austin hears a wear voice that says it wants to kill and this concerns Austin. He finds a weird door with snakes on it in the dungeon and the voice that says it wants to kill. The door is opened. People start getting petrified in the hallways. The Weaseley twins play pranks on everyone; the turn the Slipperin common rooms into a swamp. Austin begins to make friends though, but not with Drano Malfoy, because no one is really friends with him.

Dumblesnore entrusts Austin with some important tasks along the way.

In the end, Harry Plotter, Ron Weaseley and Hermione Danger aren’t the bad people everyone in Slipperin says they are. Austin finds good friends and hopes he gets to come back the next year, without all the giant snakes though. Austin does not like snakes.

What I liked

This book wasn’t roll on the floor funny, but it was humorous. I liked the parody of the whole story. Everyone has a different name, or at least part of it. This story supposes that there were other alternate people helping Ron, Hermione, and Harry defeat the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, or Serpents rather. I think it’s interesting to think about the fact that there may have been a more concerted effort in this whole thing rather than just three kids trying to defeat an evil monster.

I liked that I got an American’s take on Hogworts/Hogwarts. This is a loving parody and in no way trying to demean the Harry Potter series. It’s really flattery at its best. The author knows his stuff about Harry Potter.

What I didn’t like

Nothing really, this was a pretty good book, especially for free.


I wonder if Austin will be around the help Harry Plotter next year?

Weigh In

If you were in Hogwarts, what house would you be sorted into?

Do you think the rest of the world of Hogwarts would be interesting to find out? For example, would it be interesting to find out what a day in the life of Filch is like?