Native American Tales

Iktome Accidentally Sleeps with his Wife

Iktome Accidentally Sleeps with his WifeIktome Accidentally Sleeps with his Wife

Brule Sioux

Iktome thought his wife was old and wrinkled, and more importantly, no fun in bed. He decided he needed a nice young thing to sleep with. He found one nearby and told her to wait by the left side of the entrance to the tipi.

Iktome’s wife knew what he was up to. She went and talked to the girl and convinced her that they should trade places. The trade all involved a couple more items, but the girl agreed. Iktome’s wife dressed in the girl’s clothes and went to her bed.

Iktome came in that night as he said he would. The girl just giggled. Iktome went on about how the girl’s breasts were nice, not like his wife’s. The girl’s skin was nice, not like his wife’s. The night progressed in this manner and finally it was over.

Iktome’s wife and the girl traded places back before Iktome was back in the morning. Iktome walked in the door and demanded food, but his wife his him over the head with her turnip digger. She knew all the things Iktome had said about her. Iktome then ran out of the house, but got hungry and went back home. He decided that he must be more observant since he accidentally slept with his wife. Who knows, he could accidentally sleep with a sea monster next?


I don’t know why this girl would even go for the idea of sleeping with Iktome. He sounds much too old to be messing around with such young girls.


Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–you may think a woman doesn’t know, but she knows. She knows everything. You may think you’re trying to get around her or get away with something, but it’s not going to work. She’s going to know. Iktome got caught in this trap. His wife knew him well and was clever enough to figure out what he was on about. He should be ashamed of himself. It’s not like he wasn’t getting any younger himself.


What’s for breakfast, my foot.

Weigh In

If your significant other was planning on doing something like this, would you trick them?

Do you think Iktome will feel guilty about this?


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